2 Day Workshop with Dr. Allen Williams

Title: 2 Day Workshop with Dr. Allen Williams
Location: Brandon Research Station, Brandon, MB
Description: August 14 and 15, 2017


– Principles of Adaptive Grazing
Principle of Compounding
Principle of Diversity
Principle of Disruption
– Practical implementation of adaptive grazing
Daily observations and adjustments
Fencing and water systems
Paddock layout & forage DM calculation
What to expect
Benefits & challenges
– Data & Economics
Real Farm/Ranch Case Studies
Peer-Reviewed research
Economic Calculators
Market Opportunities
– Principles of Soil Health
The livestock of the soil
Building a farm from the foundation up
Indicators and indicator species
On farm assessment
Benefits & economics
– Cover Crops & Livestock
Why incorporate cover crops and/or livestock?
Case studies & research
Economic benefits
How to practically implement
Cover Crop Mix design
Incorporation into cash crop programs
– Soil Analytics & Testing
Bio-Profile analysis
Recent testing results and what they mean for the farmer
How to use soil bio-profile testing
– Where is Agriculture headed and How Can Farmers/Ranchers prepare & adjust

We will also spend an afternoon in a local pasture.

Registration is $100 per person and is limited to 30 producers.

Check out this link for articles written by Dr. Allen Williams on grass fed beef, grazing management, soil health and the future of agriculture: https://joyce-farms.com/pages/dr-allen-williams

For more details call Michael at 204-365-6334 or email mthiele@mymts.net
Start Date: 2017-08-14
End Date: 2017-08-15