2007 Provincial Hay Competition

Jan 15, 2008


  1. Class: Forage producers may enter in one or more classes. Separate samples, entry forms and fees must accompany each entry submitted. The six classes include:

    1. Legume (greater than 75% legume)

    2. Legume/Grass (combination of legume/grass)

    3. Grass (greater than 75% grass)

    4. Greenfeed

    5. Horse (for maintenance of a mature horse)

    6. Horse (for growth and performance)

2. Production: Hay samples must be grown on the farm of the entrant during the 2007 growing season and must be from a regular forage production field (minimum 25 acres). It must be obvious that the hay entry came from a bale. Hay that has not been baled will not be accepted.

3. Sample Entry: Hay samples must be 2 flakes from small bale, 1 flake from medium or large square bale, or approximately 10 lbs from a round bale. Each entry must be accompanied by approximately 250 grams of core sample from the entered lot. 250 grams is an 8 x 10 inch bag filled to the top. Label each entry from with your name, address and class. Send samples(s) entry forms (s) and $25.00 per entry to: your local Ag office or Brandon Ag office, 1129 Queens Ave., Brandon, MB, R7A 1L9, Attention: Jane Thornton.

Samples and entries must be received by Friday, November 30, 2007.

4. Analysis: All hay samples will be analyzed using Near Infra Red Analysis. In addition, the horse hay categories will be analyzed for mold spore content.

The four categories of A, B, C, & D will be judged as follows:

Forage Analysis 70%, Physical Characteristics 30%

Category E & F will be judged as follows:

Forage Analysis 50%, Physical Characteristics 50%

5. Results: Winners will be contacted by the Manitoba Forage Council and competition finalist hay entries will be displayed at Ag Days January 15 – 17th, 2008. Results will be mailed to contestants after all samples have been analyzed and judged. If contestants want their sample back it will be their responsibility to pick up the sample. The decision of the judges in all matters will be final.

Hay Sample Size

  • 250 grams of core sample must accompany each entry. Be sure to clearly label the core sample to the correct class entry.
  • 250 grams of core sample is one 8 inch x 10 inch bag filled to the top! These are available at the Ag Offices.

Download application form.