2008 Manitoba Grazing School

Nov 25, 2008


9:30    CONVENTION HALL – John Cross –You won’t want to miss this presentation focusing on leadership, initiative, attitude, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.  Mr. Cross is highly qualified to deliver this presentation.  With a long list of accolades to his name, Mr. Cross serves as a Vice-President of Saskatchewan Agri-Vision Corporation and is a Board Member of the Royal University Hospital Foundation, the POS Pilot Plant Corporation Inc., Fytokem Products Inc. and is the Board Chair of the Saskatoon & Region Economic Development Authority.  

10:30    Refreshment Break / Visit Displays
11:00     CONVENTION HALL –   Robert Warren – How Are Agricultural Businesses the Same as Other Businesses?  Robert is the Marketing Director at the Asper School of Entrepreneurship at the University of Manitoba.   


1:30 BREAKOUT SESSION A (Each session will be given twice, choose two of the four)

A-1 ASSEMBLY HALL – Don and Bev Campbell – Holistic Financial Management – Holistic Management is an approach to managing resources that builds biodiversity, improves production and generates financial strength. It improves quality of life while enhancing the environment that sustains us all.  Find out more from Don and Bev Campbell who have practiced Holistic Management for more than 20 years.  

A-2 VIEWING LOUNGE – Lester Pryce – Grazing Behaviour – Lester is a Community Pasture Land Manager with PFRA based out of Watrous, Saskatchewan.  Find out how Lester has been able to train animals to eat different plants and even weeds.

A-3 AMPITHEATRE – Kathy Voth – Manipulating Livestock for Landsacpes!  – Kathy is based out of Loveland, Colorado.  Since 2004, she has been working on developing steps that anyone can use to train their livestock as weed managers. She works with Beth Burritt at Utah State University to develop materials to help others understand and apply animal behavior principles. Kathy will focus on turning livestock into land management tools.

A-4 PIONEER LOUNGE – Chris Nykoluk – Calculating Stocking Rates – This hands on session will prepare you for determining stocking rates on your own pastures.  Understand how to effectively use on your own operation.     

2:30 Refreshment Break / Visit Displays


4:30    CONVENTION HALL – Manitoba Graziers of the Year Presentations – One of the most popular sessions as some of the best forage/livestock producers from across Manitoba will showcase their operations.  

5:30 CONVENTION HALL – Banquet

7:00 CONVENTION HALL –  Martin Janovsky – Martin Jonovsky is originally from Prague, the Czech Republic.  He graduated from the Prague’s Conservatory and holds the Licentiate Diploma of Trinity College of Music in England.  Being new to Canada he finds it hard to understand our language and finds new meanings in old sayings.  His first love is piano and when he touches the keys the high-energy performance really comes alive.

8:00    CONVENTION HALL – MFC Silent Auction

8:30   Socializing

Wednesday, November 26th

8:00  CONVENTION HALL – Complimentary Breakfast

9:00 CONVENTION HALL –  Dr. Paul Jefferson – How Grass Grows – The basics of plant growth and why it is important to manage your grass.  Dr. Jefferson will discuss plant morphology and physical functions of a plant and how grass yield and regrowth are impacted by your management.   

10:00    BREAKOUT SESSION B (Each session will be given twice, choose two of the four)

B-1  AMPITHEATRE – Lorne Klein – Bale Grazing – Lorne has worked extensively on bale grazing and has developed a  calculator that compares the costs of different scenarios: buying hay, landed on the bale graze site; bale grazing on your own hayfield; bales left where ejected from baler; bale grazing on your own hayfield; bales hauled to an intensive bale graze site; growing your own hay and hauling to a pasture site; growing your own hay, hauling home, then hauling out during winter.  Find out which scenario will work best for you!   

B-2 VIEWING LOUNGE – Carl Dreidger – Winter Watering Systems – Carl is well known across the province for his practical knowledge when it comes to setting up watering systems in the winter or in the summer.  If you are planning a watering system for your operation this informative session will help find the right system for you.   

B-3 ASSEMBLY HALL – Marc Boulanger – Transitioning to Organics – Marc and his family have made the leap to organic cropping and livestock production.  Find out more about the steps required to transition to organic production profitably.   

B-4 PIONEER LOUNGE –  Dr. Paul Jefferson –  (Co-Authors: Dr. Bart Lardner and Brianna Kelln) Low Cost Winter Feeding Systems – How your cows can keep you instead of you keeping your cows. Dr. Jefferson will discuss new research highlighting low cost feeding systems and their impact beef conditioning, nutrient cycling, forage production and your bottom line!

11:00  Refreshment Break / Visit Displays


1:30   CONVENTION HALL – Wendy Mesley – The Truth is Out There – Wendy is the co-host of Marketplace, CBC Television’s award-winning prime-time investigative consumer show. Mesley won the Gemini in 2005 for Best Host or Interviewer for Marketplace.  Wendy will offer an informed and humorous perspective of the challenges of trying to figure out what is right and understand the consumer.      

2:30 CONVENTION HALL – PRODUCER PANEL – Doing the Right Things Right!

Jonathon Bauw – Anola, MB – Jonathon raises purebred Angus cattle and is now focusing on forage-finished beef and organic production.  He will give us a perspective from an upcoming generation of livestock producers in Manitoba.  

David Gall – Fisher Branch, MB –  Along with his parents, Dave runs a 380 head cow/calf operation of Charolais-cross cows north of Moosehorn. Dave will share their production strategies and relay his optimism to young cattle producers struggling in a volatile industry.

Joe Bouchard  – Fisher Branch, MB – Joe is a U of M. Ag Diploma graduate who runs a cow-calf operation northeast of Fisher Branch in North Interlake with his wife Amanda and father Don.  During his presentation he will share their feeding strategies which include rotational grazing and byproducts for feed as well as their marketing strategies which include auction marts, off the yard and internet.

Ryan Boyd – Forrest, MB  – Ryan farms with his parents north of Forrest.  The operation is a mixed farm consisting of 2000 acres of cropland, 1000 acres of tame forage and 120 commercial cows, bred mostly Angus. The calves are sold as long yearlings.  They have made some major changes on the operation over the years, working to become more sustainable and reduce the reliance on inputs.  Two of the most notable changes are moving the calving season from February/March to May/June and increasing the amount of forages used in our system.  Custom grazing 200 yearlings last summer and custom grazed cows on corn this past winter has also become a notable change.  This year they will be custom grazing 300 steers.  They have tried bale grazing, swath grazing and corn grazing over the past few years and plan on bale grazing this winter.
3:45 CONVENTION HALL –  Doug Gunnick – Why Grassfed is Best!  Producing quality food is of the highest importance.  Learn to develop fertile soils & nutrient dense grass that will support and produce Gourmet beef.  Learn to monitor grass in the pasture.  Learn to select and use the cows in your herd to produce "Gourmet beef."  Learn to choose the correct bull to reproduce that same Gourmet quality in his offspring.  Learn to develop a "whole farm plan" for forage production.

4:30  Closing Remarks and Adjourn


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