3-Day Sustainable Ranching & Regenerative Grazing Course

Title: 3-Day Sustainable Ranching & Regenerative Grazing Course
Location: SinclairManitoba
Date: August 6 –8, 2015

Offered for the first time in Manitoba, this is a unique opportunity that should not be missed if you are interested in high stock density grazing. 

Learn how to DOUBLE YOUR SUSTAINABLE PROFITS per ranch while regenerating the environment.

We will need 20 confirmed producers before the workshop can happen so please register soon (will need registrations by early June) so we can lock in the dates with Zietsman.

“Schools like the Regenerative Ranching course with Jim and Johann, which is excellentand based on practical experience, are worth more than 4 years of college.
Kim Barker | Waynoka, OK

“Their curriculum is outstanding and I was incredulous the two men could pack as much learning into three days as they did.”
Alan Newport | Editor of Beef Producer Magazine

TUITION: $500 US or $600 CAN/person | Lunch provided all three days
$350 US or $400 CAN for second of same ranch | $200 deposit to reserve space.

Download the Flyer

Ted Unruh at 204 662 4060 tedunruh@rfnow.com ,
Michael Thiele at 204 365 6334 email mthiele@mymts.net

Course Website: profitableranching.com/Profitable_Ranching/Cattle.html

Check out Zietsman’s web site at: http://profitableranching.com/Profitable_Ranching/People.html

Start Date: 2015-08-6
End Date: 2015-08-8