6th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture

Title: 6th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Date June 22-25, 2014

The program is designed to highlight the latest developments in research, the success stories of farmers around the world and the policy issues that confront governments and societies on this planet.

Our goal is to showcase new sustainable innovations that can be applied by the attendees to their own farms when they return home, to create exciting new research opportunities as a result of sharing and to help those who frame policy better understand how to successfully encourage the rapid adoption of conservation agriculture practices around the globe.

This event is being sponsored by the North American Conservation Agriculture Systems Alliance (CASA), which was started back in 2007 through the convening efforts of the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) in Lafayette, IN.

The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) is a member of CASA, and it is through the hard work of SCCC and CTIC (the co-hosts of this Congress) that the event is taking place for the first time here in North America.

In addition to a star-studded program, there are also two tours following the Congress that you may take part in.

To learn more about the Congress:
visit the website at www.wcca6.org; or
contact Marla Riekman at marla.riekman@gov.mb.ca
Date: 2014-06-22