Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture

Title: Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture
Location: The Delta Hotel, 50 Stone Road West, Guelph, ON
Dates: July 8-11, 2013
Time: 8:00am – 5:15 pm each day (7.30am on Monday for registration)

Agriculture Solutions, Inc. is pleased to present the Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture, a 4-day course that features a Management approach developed by Nutri-Tech Solutions of Australia. During this training, biological agronomist, Graeme Sait, will cover every aspect of microbe, soil and plant nutrition (and protection). This international course, which is being offered for the first time in Canada, educates farmers and consultants on strategies for sustainable farming – a key component for farming for the future.

Knowledge is power, and in any business enterprise, education confers the power to be profitable. There is now a whole new technology available, which can ensure both increased profitability and improved sustainability in agriculture. Balance – both mineral and biological – is the keystone of this approach, but there are numerous management tips, tricks and synergies that complete the equation. The bottom line is that this holistic, precision approach simply outperforms the conventional approach.

Graeme Sait is an internationally acclaimed author, educator and co-founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS). He has written hundreds of published articles and a popular book called “Nutrition Rules!”. Graeme has formulated many of the soil health and human health products for which NTS is renowned and he has developed all of the nutrition programs that are the keystones of their proactive management approach.

Graeme is a powerful presenter who speaks at conferences and seminars around the globe. His inspiring presentations are often described as “life changing”.

The four days feature topics in Mineral Management, Microbe Management, Plant Management, and Pest Management with Human Health Management interspersed throughout. Growers and consultants will have the opportunity to undertake a multi-choice exam and, upon achieving a passing score in each module, will receive a Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture.

The four day certificate course includes comprehensive presentations and hands-on exercises. The human health workshop is both entertaining and informative with participants receiving a comprehensive “report card” on their own personal health. A fine range of organic and locally grown foods is supplied throughout each day and we’ll enjoy a fine dinner together one night during the class.

Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) is the undisputed leader in high–production agriculture servicing a client base of over 15,000 growers, offering over 200 products and exporting to over 40 locations. Their in-depth training programs are rapidly becoming prerequisites for growers wishing to increase productivity and profitability and for consultants who wish to increase their skills.

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Course Details:
$860 + HST – includes four information-packed days of training, seminar manuals, morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea plus one evening meal

To Register:
visit www.agriculturesolutions.ca/events or
call Sue at 855-247-6548, ext. 4

Start Date: 2013-07-08
End Date: 2013-07-11