Crop Diagnostic School

Title: Crop Diagnostic School
Location: Ian N. Morrison Research Farm, Carman, MB
Dates: July 5 – 7 and July 12 – 14, 2016

The Crop Diagnostic School is designed to refine the diagnostic skills of agronomists and producers involved in field scouting and assessing crop health. This event is organized by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and the University of Manitoba (U of M).

The Manitoba Crop Diagnostic School has been running since 1996 with approximately 400-500 people attending each year. This comprehensive hands-on approach to learning attracts new and past attendees to take part each year.

Join us for a unique learning environment to help you scout fields and recognize potential problems. You will also get an update on the latest crop management issues. We will have you assessing, scouting, and identifying while giving you a non-biased whole-perspective approach towards farming.

Download the Crop Diagnostic School Brochure.
Start Date: 2016-07-12
End Date: 2016-07-14