Genetic Selection School with guest speaker Gearld Fry

Title: Genetic Selection School with guest speaker Gearld Fry
Location: Heartland Livestock Services, Brandon, MB
Date:  November 8-9, 2013, 9am-5pm both days

Gearld will discuss:
Selection, Breeding, Management of Genetics & Eliminating Genetic Contamination we have allowed to creep in that decreases production and reproduction.

Gearld will illustrate on live animals:
1. The means to select cattle that will produce gourmet quality beef.
2. How to select animals that are high in butterfat production.
3. The how-to on identifying a prepotent sire
4. How to identify animals with the genetic potential to “do it all on grass” by using linear measuring.
And much more!

NOTE: 1-1/2 days in classroom, ½ day hands on livestock.

To register, contact:
Brian Harper, email: or call: 204-724 -0936
Michael Thiele, email: or call: 204-365-6334

Download the brochure.

Cost: $75 meals included

A little about Gearld:
In the 60s & 70s Gearld saw the “bigger is better” movement in the beef cattle industry. He could understand the rationale behind the theory but knew that something had to be out of line as this is not what our Creator had intended.

Gearld heard about the teaching of Dr. Jan Bonsma of South Africa and met him in 1972. Gearld studied Bonsma’s work and writings and had the opportunity to sit in on his lectures. Bonsma who had studied cattle and their environment realized that the bigger-is-better movement had caused cattle to genetically digress.

Gearld also has discovered the writings and teachings of the Frenchman Francois Guenon, who in 1838 was awarded a gold medal by the agricultural society of Bordeaux.

In the mid 90s Gearld saw the need to aid and assist his fellow cattlemen to “Get Back to Basics,” meaning “grass-fed, non cross-bred beef.” Remembering the teachings of Bonsma and how cattle naturally adapted to their environment, he began looking for the proper genetics for a moderately framed bovine with good intramuscular fat and the ability to consistently reproduce offspring equal to or better than the sire and dam.

Start Date: 2013-11-08
End Date: 2013-11-09