Getting the Most out of Your Pastures

Title: Getting the Most out of Your Pastures
Location: Miniota, Melita, Mather
Dates & Locations:
Tuesday, February 11 – Miniota Community Hall
Wednesday, February 12 – Melita Legion Hall
Thursday, February 13 – Mather Community Hall

Start time – 9:30am – 4pm at all locations

Registration fee – $25 per person (lunch included)

• Getting the most out of your pastures
• Building a better solar panel
• Getting more out of every inch of water
• Creating a more dynamic mineral cycle
• Why biodiversity matters
• Balancing use and recovery
• Why it’s more important to quit making hay than quit feeding hay
• Effectively grazing winter pastures

Jim Gerrish is an independent grazing lands consultant providing service to farmers and ranchers on both private and public lands across the US and internationally. He has written a regular monthly column in The Stockman Grass-Farmer magazine for over 12 years. He has authored two books on grazing and ranch management: Management-intensive Grazing: The Grassroots of Grass Farming (2004) and Kick the Hay Habit: A practical guide to year-around grazing (2010).

Please RSVP to Michael Thiele at (204) 365-6334 or at

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Start Date: 2014-02-11
End Date: 2014-02-13