Grazing Club Summer Tour

Title: Grazing Club Summer Tour
Location: Luna Field Farm – Wian Prinsloo and Lydia Carpenter
Date: Wednesday July 15, 1:30pm

Luna Field Farm is multi-species pasture based livestock operation. It is an example of a start-up farm operated by first generation farmers where farming is our full time occupation. The farm is run on several hundred acres of leased pasture land and is part of a larger holistically managed ranch where our grazing/direct market operation fits into ‘non-family’ secession planning. We raise broiler, layers and pigs on pasture. We graze several hundred ewes and have a small herd of cattle. Much of what we produce on the farm is destined for direct market sales to individuals in Brandon, Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

The tour will/may include: overview of pastured poultry, raising hogs on pasture & forested areas, discussion on multi-species grazing (sheep and cattle), as well as our experience with pasture (drift) lambing, grazing planning for multi-species, working on leased land & our experience as first/next generation farmers, direct marketing of products.

Tour will likely also include us asking questions so more experienced graziers are invited to attend and tell us what we can do better.

From Highway Junction 10 and 23 turn east for about 8 miles. Turn north on Road 104W (marked and also has a sign that says “bud sled works”). Drive 6 miles north on Road 104W. Road will turn east. First yard on south side.

For more information: contact Michael Thiele at 204 365-6334 or email
Date: 2015-07-15