Grazing Club Workshop with Dr Allen Williams

Title: Grazing Club Workshop with Dr Allen Williams
Location: Pipestone, Manitoba
Date: February 21, 2017

These are full day workshops running from 9:30am-3:00pm. Lunch provided.

Dr. Allen Williams will speak at Grazing Club Workshops on:

Tuesday February 21 – Pipestone Community Hall
– meals and hall provided by West Souris River Conservation District and Lower Souris River Conservation District

Wednesday February 22 – Minnedosa Ukrainian Hall
– registration $25

Thursday February 23 – Mather Community Hall
– registration $25

The agenda:

  1. How to build soil health in a rapid manner.
  2. How to recognize functional, healthy soil – What are the key indicators.
  3. Adaptive grazing – What is it?  How do we implement on a practical basis?
  4. Principles of Adaptive Grazing:  1) Principle of Three, 2) Principle of Disruption, 3) Principle of Compounding.
  5. Livestock/Cover Crop Integration:  Building resiliency while reducing inputs and improving profits.
  6. Myriad benefits of soil health improvement.
  7. Core profitability:  How to measure?  How to achieve?
  8. Stacking Acres – What successful farms of the future will look like.
  9. Practical Steps to achieve our goals.

Please RSVP to Michael Thiele at or 204 365 6334 by Friday February 17.

See these web sites for information on Dr. Williams:
Start Date: 2017-02-21
End Date: 2017-02-23