Green Gold Program (Optimum Alfalfa Harvest Date)

The MFGA Green Gold Program helps producers maximize their hay quality by harvesting their alfalfa stand at the optimum time!

Receive tested results!

E-mail John McGregor, Green Gold Program Coordinator, to receive tested results twice weekly from numerous regions across the province and know the best window to cut your hay.


In our 22nd year,  Green Gold has been used to help predict “Hay Day” – the date when pure alfalfa stands are at optimum quality (150 RFV). Due to unusual environmental conditions (cool weather and extreme warming conditions), we have seen alfalfa reach optimum quality well before the traditional early bloom (10% flower) stage.  In most cases, had producers waited for the crop to show these signs, harvest would have been delayed by up to 2 weeks and RFV would have been in the 110 range.

We believe Green Gold represents one of MFGA’s longest-standing, most successful services to Manitoba forage producers and we want it to be the best program possible. On March 27, 2017, we invited a small group of core stakeholders to sit down with us and chat openly in a structured discussion around MFGA’s Green Gold.

Wanted: Hay Fields for Testing

One clear message was the need for producer recruitment to help make the program stronger. Green Gold (Optimum Alfalfa Harvest Date) is seeking producers with hay fields that are mostly alfalfa, fairly new, and in good condition for testing through the May/June growing season.
The Benefits: You will receive results from those fields twice a week from the beginning of sampling until first cut, providing you with some real time information on how the quality of your alfalfa is declining.
Eligibility: You must agree to sample your field twice per week (Monday & Wednesday) and submit the alfalfa portion of the sample to Central Testing Laboratory Ltd via courier. These costs will be covered by MFGA. If interested please contact John McGregor, Green Gold Program Coordinator at


– Samples taken in the morning, twice each week (Mondays & Wednesday/Thursdays), delivered to the lab before 11:00 a.m. or couriered that day.
– Regional results emailed to subscribers twice each week through Coordinator John McGregor, posted here and communicated via rural publications.
– Over 500 producers and industry people receive this information, including alfalfa producers, dairy, beef and sheep producers.
– 2017 Green Gold Reports
– RFV Chart 2012-2016 – Central
– RFV Chart 1995-2016 – Eastern
– RFV Chart 2013-2016 – Western/Interlake


Video: Aerial Imaging of Alfalfa Crops – joint project of Green Gold and Aerial Productions 
Manitoba Green Gold PEAQ Protocol


We have simplified things! Your support for various MFGA programs, in particular our successful Green Gold program, has been rolled into a year-round MFGA Support. Via feedback from our supporters, we are happy to listen and act. Now, with your sponsorship of MFGA, you will sponsor all MFGA core programs. Details and sign up for 2017-2018 Support are here!

Special thanks to Central Testing Laboratory Ltd for their support and assistance with the testing of alfalfa samples during the testing period.

Past Green Gold Reports & Sponsors

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