Holistic Management Open Gate Learning

Title: Holistic Management Open Gate Learning
Location: Shipwheel Feeders, Taber. Alberta
Date: July 7, 2016 from 9 AM to 4 PM

“Shipwheel Feeders”, based in Taber, Alberta, will be hosting Holistic Management Canada’s first Open Gate Learning day of the season! Certified Educator Kelly Sidoryk will be there sharing her vast knowledge of Holistic Management and ranching.

The Day’s Agenda:

9:30 Welcome and Introductions – K. Sidoryk
9:45 Shipwheel Story -B. Holtman & A. Stroeve-Sawa
10:15 Holistic Management Decision Making – K. Sidoryk
10:45` Coffee
11:00 Exercises: Decision Making & Enterprise Analysis at Shipwheel – K. Sidoryk
12:00 Lunch
1:00 MultiSAR Species at Risk Project
2:00 Tour & Biological Monitoring Exercise
3:30 Q&A and Evaluations – K. Sidoryk

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If you plan to attend, let me Michael Thiele know and he will try to connect you with other producers interested in attending.

Kelly Sidoryk’s Bio:

Kelly Sidoryk ranches with her family near Lloydminster, Sask./Alta. Over 25 years ago they were introduced to Holistic Resource Management (as it was known at the time), a decision making/planning process that focusses on finances, land and people. The process had a significant impact on their operation as it transitioned to be a forage based, livestock enterprise.

She completed the degree program through HRM with a focus on the people side. In addition to running their family business, she has worked with many farm families as they work on transitioning to the next generation. She also teaches Holistic Management Whole/Farm Ranch Planning courses and is a certified educator with Holistic Management International(HMI). Currently, she is past-chair of the HMI board.

Shipwheel Feeders Bio:

Blake Holtman is the fourth generation farming the family run Shipwheel Cattle Feeders Ltd., founded in 1973. With pride he has develop the operation to one that produces products and services that are value added, environmentally regenerative and quality oriented.

Shipwheel Cattle Feeders is Currently managed by Blake’s daughter Andrea Stroeve-Sawa.  They operate a yearling grazing program, a 5500 head feedlot, a small amount of cropland and they produce compost. Andrea and her family strive to be an innovative leader in animal health, soil fertility and team work with staff, customers and colleagues.  They achieve this by their commitment to areas of improvement and growth in all areas of the farm.

Shipwheel Cattle Feeders is located in the center of “corn country”.   Being surrounded by crops such as onions, corn and potatoes make the irrigated quarters of land surrounding our land very high value.  Holistic decision making in the middle of $10 000 / acre land makes the process quite challenging.   Our task has become how do we build value and stack enterprise to make what we are doing achieve a triple bottom line outcome that is comparable to conventional economic return.   We strive for collaboration with all members of the agriculture industry and work to encourage regenerative practices on our land.
Date: 2016-07-07