Livestock Economics and Feed Supply in 2014

Title: Livestock Economics and Feed Supply in 2014
Location: Birtle United Church Fellowship Hall
Date: Wednesday, October 15 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

In a year of record cattle prices, what will be your
plan for the future? Buy, sell or keep.
Join Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
(MAFRD) for presentations to learn how to use feed supplies
and maximize profit potential to grow your farming operation.

Topics include:
• Beef economics and marketing
• Feeding those unusual feeds — what you need to know about fusarium,
nitrates and more
• Stretching those feed supplies — alternative options to make the most of
what you have

For more information, call your MAFRD GO Office: 204-937-6460
Date: 2014-10-15