Manitoba Forage Seed Association Conference

Jan 11, 2009

2009 MFSA Alfalfa & Forage Seed Conference
January 11 & 12, 2009
Victoria Inn, Winnipeg, MB
Draft Agenda (Subject to Change)

 Sunday, January 11th

 7:00 pm         Greet & Meet Hospitality Room
        Conference Trade Show


Monday, January 12th

  8:00 am     Registration & Trade Fair Exhibits
  8:55 am    Conference Opening & Welcome
                      Leslie Jacobson, MFSA President

The Forage Seed World Outlook & Update

  9:00 am    What’s Happening across Canada
                In Canada in Forage Seed

    Alfalfa Seed Production
 – Nathen Penner, Imperial Seed

                Grass Seed Production
                   – TBA
                Leafcutting Bee Market Update
– Miles Wendell, Prairie Pollinating

9:20 am    Domestic Export Trends, Legume, Gras And Turf Seed
– David Wong, Marketing Specialist,       AAF

 9:40 am    Affects of the Financial Crisis in the United States on CND Agriculture
    – Brad Magnusson, Market Analysis
                  Credit Union Central

10:15 am        Coffee & Exhibits

10:45 am    European Turf & Forage Seed         Situation, TBA

11:30          Re-cropping After Grasses
– Laura Woloshyn, MFSA Research Manager

Forage Seed Production
12:00        Lunch & MFSA Annual Meeting

2:00 pm    Insect ID, Life Cycles & Thresholds
–    TBA

2:30 pm   Coregon, New Research in the Forage      
Seed Industry
– Francis Boddy, Research &      Development, duPont Canada

2:50 pm    & Implications for Growers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       John Heard, Fertility Specialist, MAFRI

3:30 pm   Coffee & Exhibits

4:00pm       Ag-Stability Trouble Shooting
   – Dean Stoyanowski, MAFRI

        Buffet, Bear-Pit & Refreshments

Pick-up your meal and join the session of your choice. Each bear- pit will have a speaker addressing the specified topics. Producers will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss.

Grass & Turf Seed Production

?    MFSA Research Trials
?    Crop Rotation
?    Fertility Issues
– Slit Applications
– Rates
– Time of Application
– Residue Management

Alfalfa Seed Production & Pollination

?    Chalkbrood Management
?    Alfalfa Weevil

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