Manitoba Provincial Grazing Tour 2007

Jul 25, 2007

The Manitoba Forage Council, in conjunction with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada -Greencover, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Dow AgroSciences, and the MAFRI Forage, Range and Pasture Team, is pleased to present the annual Provincial Grazing Tour.

Rub elbows with Manitoba’s agricultural research community, identify effective ways to battle brush encroachment, discover the reduction in labour winter grazing can provide, see unique watering solutions, visit a large dairy that includes pasture a significant ration component 6 months of the year — and find out why.

Register ONLINE

Register by phone: call Jane Omichinski, MAFRI, with your credit card: (204) 268-6228. Deadline July 11, 2007.


Attendance will be limited to 165 participants.

Fee: 2 days, Producers: $50.00, Industry: $150.00 Includes: meals, accommodations (based on double occupancy), tour and seminars. Single rooms are an additional $50.00.

Highlights of the Tour:

University of Manitoba – Marchand Site: Learn what some of Manitoba’s leading researchers have found out regarding grass, soil, manure, water and microbiology over the last three years at one of the most comprehensive, integrated, agricultural research sites. An excellent opportunity to ask questions, and challenge the experts in regards to animal production and its impact upon the environment.

Walter and Trevor Panych: Walter and Trevor will share experiences gained from extending season grazing, efficiencies in labor per unit of beef sold, utilizing cats and cows to open up bush, and the transition from hay producer to hay purchaser.

Nyhoff Dairy: How does an award winning dairy end up on a provincial pasture tour? Follow the profit. Albert will relate the mindset and paradigm shift Nyhoff Dairy underwent during the past 6 years.The use of perennial ryegrass pasture in an intensively managed environment, to provide a portion of the ration requirements for their dairy herd has generated many benefits, which are evaluated for effectiveness on the basis of profitability.

Krentz Pastures: Robert Krentz embraced the opportunity generated, as hog production expanded in the 1990’s, to improve the carrying capacity of his pastures. He currently operates a stocker operation of approximately 3000 head on 6 sections of land, fertilized the natural way.

The following agenda is subject to change.

  Bus A Departure:

Tuesday, July 24

 6:15 pm – Dauphin Mall behind Boston Pizza

7:00 pm – Ste. Rose Ag Office

7:40 pm – McCreary

8:45 pm – Neepawa

9:25 pm – Gladstone

10:00 pm – Arrive at Portage la Prairie for overnight stayWednesday, July 25


 8:00 am – Leave Hotel

8:15 am – Portage la Prairie meeting place

10:10 am – Steinbach Mall (Tentative)

Bus B Departure:

Wednesday, July 25

 6:00 am – Brandon KC South Parking Lot

6:40 am – Minto Arena

8:25 am – Somerset Community Hall

9:40 am – Morris Stampede Grounds

10:15 am – Grunthal Auction MartBus C Departure:

Wednesday, July 25

 7:45 am – Stonewall Ag Society Grounds

9:00 am – Beausejour SunGro Centre Lot

10:10 am – Steinbach Mall (Tentative)



10:30   University of Manitoba Marchand Site
12:00   Lunch courtesy of
 Manitoba Pork Council
1:00    Travel
1:15 Brush Management – An Aerial Perspective
1:45 Travel to Hadashville
3:00 Walter & Trevor Panych’s
labour requirement per cow
purchase vs. making hay
millet for winter swath grazing
cows for brush control
4:00 Travel to Pinawa
5:30 Supper @ Wilderness Edge
6:45 Travel to Seven Sisters
7:00 Station A – Manitoba Hydro
7:45  Station B – Winter Water Site
8:30 Station C – Annual Forages
9:00 Return to Pinawa – watering hole


7:00 Breakfast
8:15 Travel to Ile des Chenes
9:45 Nyhoff’s Dairy
partial pasture TMR dairying
intensive daily rotationally grazed pasture
10:45 Travel to Gardenton
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Travel
1:00 Tall Grass Prairie Preserve
species ID school
biodiversity and the environment
2:00 Travel
2:30 Krentz Pasture
manure application to grass
potential issues regarding the phosphorus regulations
3:30 Travel to Grunthal
4:00 Head Home

PAM IWANCHYSKO @ (204) 648-3965 or  RODGER SHELDON @ (204) 638-2038 or DWAYNE SUMMACH AT (204) 268-6014