MBFI Brookdale Summer Pasture Tour

Title: MBFI Brookdale Summer Pasture Tour
Location: MBFI Brookdale Site
Description: Aug 30, 2017

The annual pasture tour is back! And it’s packed with information you need to manage your cattle operation! Among the topics to be discussed:
* measuring animal performance, forage productivity and soil health using two different grazing practices
* assessing riparian areas
* demonstrating two shelterbelt designs including an Eco-Buffer
* comparing different seed mixes for pollinator habitat
* using different phosphorus application rates to improve alfalfa profitability and produce a higher quality protein feedstuff
* measuring forage quality and growth characteristics of four high energy dense forages
* dealing with the effects of extreme drought

Cost: $25 (lunch incl)
Must pre-register by Aug 28: (204) 726-6482
Date: 2017-08-30