Open Gate Learning Days in Canada:

Title: Open Gate Learning Days in Canada:
Location: Across Canada
Description: HMI is proud to be partnering with Holistic Management Canada to offer nine one-day Open Gate learning days for farmers, ranchers, and land stewards who want to learn how to better manage animals, land and people with Holistic Management®. Open Gates are hands-on learning days hosted by experienced Holistic Management practitioners and educators and features numerous innovative and sustainable agricultural topics and practices. See our full schedule today and register NOW!

Regenerating Land Through Livestock and Improved Soil Fertility
DATE: July 22, 2015
EVENT: Sunnybrae Farm Day
LOCATION: Wawoda, Saskatchewan, Canada

Holistic Planned Grazing Using High Stock Density to Improve Profit
DATE: July 28, 2015
EVENT: Lucends Ranch Day
LOCATION: Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

Educating Young People about Soil health and Regenerating Land with a pasture Plan and Cover Cropping
DATE: August 4, 2015
EVENT: Pogson Ranch Day
LOCATION: Clearwater, Manitoba, Canada

Regenerating Land through Livestock and Improved Fertility
DATE: August 26, 2015
EVENT: Breault Ranch Day
LOCATION: Toutes Aides, Manitoba, Canada

Capturing Carbon Through Cover Cropping
DATE: September 1, 2015
EVENT: SG&R Farms Day
LOCATION: Rapid City, Manitoba, Canada

Profitable Small Farms-Ranches while making Healthy Soils
DATE: October 9, 2015
EVENT: Richards Family Farm & Livestock Day
LOCATION: Bangor, Saskatchewan, Canada

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