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Past Projects

Decision Support Materials for Comparison for Productive, Economical & Environmental Efficiencies of Beef Production Systems in Manitoba

The main purpose of this project was to use the data collected in the long-term AAFC-BRC Beef Systems Project, as well as other published results, to develop decision support materials, specifically technical bulletins and factsheets, which will be used by beef producers and beef cattle extension personnel to compare the productive and economic performance as well as energy efficiency of beef production using alternative forage-based management systems.

Effects of summer pastures with and without alfalfa on cow-calf productivity

Part of a series of three studies examining various feeding strategies. This project was completed in May of 2012.

Effects of winter feeding strategies with and without extended grazing on cow-calf productivity #2012-02

Part of a series of three studies examining various feeding strategies. This project was completed in May of 2012.

Effects of summer pastures and winter feeding strategies on reproductive performance of beef cows #2012-03

Part of a series of three studies examining various feeding strategies. This project was completed in May of 2012.

Environmental Scan on the Potential of Forage Crop Export to World Markets via Port of Churchill

The purpose of this project is to provide a market environmental scan of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan forage industry including the potential for greater exports to world markets, as well as to assess the potential transportation costs and logistical challenges.

Forage & Grassland Industry Strategic Plan

The Manitoba Forage Council recently received funding support from MRAC and MAFRI to facilitate the development of a Forage Industry Strategic Plan for Manitoba.  Kelwin Management Consulting will assist the Manitoba Forage Council and its partners with the development of this Strategic Plan.  A Stakeholder Working Group has been established
that will provide input and direction.

Best Management Practices for Inter-Seeding Forages in Manitoba

(Canada’s Agricultural Producers Addressing Environmental Issues)

This project will review all relevant information regarding inter-seeding forage into an existing forage stand in Manitoba. This information will be developed into a series of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) that will be displayed on the MFC, MAFRI and the web site.

2009 Grass Fed Beef Model

Forage Fed Beef Model (Generate your profit/loss statement)

This interactive model will help you determine the costs and return for the production of grass fed beef. Using this excel spreadsheet you can input the details specific to your operation and generate a value that is meaningful to you. This model was developed using 2008 data.
Microsoft Excel is required to run this program. Forage Fed Beef Model

The Manitoba Forage & Grassland Reference Manual.

Develop a current collection of information sheets and publications packaged in a three ring binder and CD ROM.

Native Pasture Improvement Project (NPIP)

The Manitoba Native Pasture Improvement Program was initiated to explore new ways for landowners to manage their brush encroachment and ultimately utilize that land for more productive cattle grazing.

The Manitoba Benchmark Project

The Manitoba Benchmark Project is collecting yield data on historically grazed native pasture in Manitoba. This data is being collected for 3 different soil types or classes in each of the 4 Eco Regions in agro-Manitoba. This is the second year of the project. Forage yield and quality will be assessed on 72 sites.

Grass Fed Beef Information Workshop / Tour

Practical training event to provide technical information about selection strategies for sourcing cattle suitable for grass finishing.

Manitoba Grass Fed Beef Association

To assist in the formation of a Manitoba Grass Fed Beef Association, product development, promotion and logistical coordination

Annual Forages & Ultrasound for Forage Finishing Beef

Demonstrate and evaluate the use of annual forages to finish beef animals and demonstrate ultrasound technology as a tool to assess the degree of marbling, tenderness and fat finish.

Western Canada Brush Management Manual

Develop a state-of-the-art production manual on the current technology to manage brush in Western Canada.

Portable Watering System for Sustainable Management of Integrated Livestock Systems

Demonstate to producers that portable cattle waterers are a practical means to prevent nutrient buildup around stationary waterers.

Garland Project – Managed Grazing Systems in Hardwood Timber Harvested Areas.

To demonstrate and evaluate managed grazing systems on hardwood harvested areas which provide livestock benefits as well as allow for optimum regrowth to meet provincial hardwood stocking standard for future timber harvesting.

Holistic Management International Speakers

Bring two excellent speakers to the conference in Brandon, MB, Oct 22 – 25, 2008.

Complementary annual pastures to fill perennial pasture production gaps for forage finished beef

This project will identify forage species which will provide high yields of quality forage for finishing animals in the late August to mid-September period as well as the fall period.

Fact Sheets

Develop a number of agricultural/environmental fact sheets to assist producers with their farm operation.

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program Projects

The objective for Agriculture and Agri-Food’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Mitigation Program is to “raise awareness and promote adoption of management practices that reduce GHG emissions or increase carbon sequestration”. MFC distributes this program throughout Manitoba. A Manitoba committee reviews all applications and sends their recommendations to the Beef Commodity Coordinator for final approval. There are four funding sections including grazing clubs, regional demonstrations, tours/seminars and provincial seminars and support.

Manitoba Sheep Value Chain Development

Assess the value chain of the Manitoba Sheep industry and determine new methods for consistent delivery. Identify marketing opportunities.

Pocket Gopher Control

A three year study evaluated the effectiveness of four types of traps in Manitoba.

Forage Fed Beef – “Healthy CLA beef” A Niche Market for Producers?

Previous studies have shown that wild game contains a high level of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s) and such is the case with cattle slaughtered directly off pasture. The downside of slaughtering cattle directly off pasture, however, is the resulting lower carcass grade and the “wild” taste some consumers find unpalatable. On the flip side, when cattle are finished solely on grain, the CLA level in the meat drops significantly.

The objective of Dr. Scott’s research project was to develop a feeding regime that would
maintain the CLA nutritional attributes of pasture-fed beef and have the carcass grade at the same level as cattle finished with grain.

Establishment of Perennial Native Grass Species in the Black Soil Zone of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The project aimed to successfully establish six representative sites of native plants in the Black Soil Zone.

Best Management Practices to optimize the use of oats for swath-grazing to extend the grazing season

A new two-year grant recently awarded to the Manitoba Forage Council by the Greencover Canada Program: Technical Assistance Component, will help producers access new Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to optimize the use of oats for swath-grazing to extend the grazing season.

Manitoba Forage Crop Variety Trials

To provide Manitoba producers with objective information of growth and yield characteristics of new forage and forage seed cultivars as they enter the market place.