Best Management Practices for Inter-Seeding Forages in Manitoba

Canada’s Agricultural Producers Addressing Environmental Issues)

Improving the productivity of low quality forage stands (approximately 38% of Manitoba’s agricultural land base) is one major aspect in reducing Green House Gas production as well as a major aspect of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for improved forage/livestock production.There have been many demonstrations and some limited research work in Manitoba on methods of improving established forage stands, primarily unimproved (native) stands, by inter-seeding new and more productive forage species such as legumes. Sod seeding, frost seeding and various methods of roughland seeding has had varied degrees of success. What techniques have been successful and the management system to accomplish this is what many producers would like to know.

This project will review all relevant information regarding inter-seeding forage into an existing forage stand in Manitoba. This information will be developed into a series of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) that will be displayed on the MFC, MAFRI and the web site.

Project Contact(s): Fraser Stewart
Ph: (204) 482-6315
Start Date: Summer 2006
Funding Partners: Manitoba Zero Tillage Research Association