Environmental Scan on the Potential of Forage Crop Export to World Markets via Port of Churchill

The purpose of this project is to provide a market environmental scan of the Manitoba and Saskatchewan forage industry including the potential for greater exports to world markets, as well as to assess the potential transportation costs and logistical challenges.  The market assessment includes a review of Manitoba and Saskatchewan’s ability to produce, process and export their forages to global markets.  The market scan includes an assessment of: volume of hay and alfalfa available; what forage products are available (pellets, cubes, long-fibre); what qualities of hay and alfalfa are most readily available; what varieties of forage are most suitable for which markets; and strategic locations to establish processing facilities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Transportation considerations, especially costs, will be a significant component of the export market assessment. The market scan reviews present transportation costs and logistical challenges, and whether they are a hindrance to accessing a greater global market share. The market assessment also investigates whether the Port of Churchill can provide an economical transportation alternative to forage exports.

Completion Date: December 2011
Project Results:
Final Report – Environmental Scan – Oct 28 30 2011

Project Summary – Environmental Scan
MFC Newsletter – Feb 2012 – Comments from Stakeholders