Establishment of Perennial Native Grass Species in the Black Soil Zone of Manitoba and Saskatchewan

A practical look at the seeding and establishment of Native Species

Project Contact: Janice Bruynooghe
Executive Director
Saskatchewan Forage Council
PO Box 1715
Outlook, Saskatchwan
Ph: (306) 966-2148
Ph: (306) 867-8120
Start Date: May 2007
Completion Date: March 2008
Project partners include Ducks Unlimited Canada, Greencover Canada, Manitoba Forage Council and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

Project Results:

The objectives were to seed six, 40 acre sites (on producers’ land) across the black soil zone in Saskatchewan and Manitoba to perennial native plant blend, providing field scale demonstrations of how cultivated land converted to perennial cover using native plants (grass and forbs) could be successfully integrated into a producer’s land base. Once established, these fields (post-establishment) will be utilized by producers and may be hayed or grazed.  Five sites were sucessfully seeded in the black soil zone across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Some of the uncertainties of these stands will be the agronomic performance relative to tame stands, stand competitiveness to weed pressure, stand longevity and their other uses such as stockpiled feed. Many of these questions will be answered in subsequent years.

The following are available for download:

A summary of this project entitled Establishment of Perennial Native Grass Species in the Black Soil Zone of Saskatchewan and Manitoba was developed and made available online.

An article entitled Partnership Examines Native Grasses in the Black Soil Zone published by Ducks Unlimited Canada describes the need for this project.

A copy of the Final Report is also available for download.