Forage & Grassland Industry Strategic Plan

Forage & Grassland Industry Strategic Plan

The Manitoba Forage Council recently received funding support from MRAC and MAFRI to facilitate the development of a Forage Industry Strategic Plan for Manitoba.  Kelwin Management Consulting will assist the Manitoba Forage Council and its partners with the development of this Strategic Plan.  A Stakeholder Working Group has been established that will provide input and direction.

The Objectives of the Strategic Plan include:
.    Identify the Manitoba forage industry’s issues/constraints;
.    Identify new/emerging opportunities (perhaps including, but not limited to a broader definition of forages to include biomass grasses and crop residues; organic forage production; use of forage species in wetland/nutrient management, etc.);
.    Identify developments that need to be undertaken so that the Manitoba forage industry overcomes the constraints and fully capitalizes upon the opportunities. Some of these recommendations may result in further funding requests to MRAC and other funders to support new development initiatives that will be identified during this strategic planning project;
.    Establish prioritized and measurable objectives and strategies for the identified Manitoba forage industry developments;
.    Develop a prioritized action plan, including potential new industry partnerships and strategic alliances and public sector support needed, to achieve the identified objectives and strategies; and
.    Initiate a process of on-going implementation meetings to ensure action plan is implemented.

The results will be compiled into a Strategic Plan report which will be agreed upon and distributed to all sectors of the industry.  This report will be a working document that will be utilized by stakeholders/partners in the development of specific projects and initiatives for the forage industry.

The Strategic Planning process will include input from participants on the Stakeholder Working Group, a number of interviews with industry experts and a Strategic Planning Workshop.

Project Contact: S. Scott
Start Date: February 2009
Completion Date: April 30, 2009
Funding Partners: Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council
Project Results:
MB Forage & Grassland Strategic Plan 2010