Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program Projects

The objective for Agriculture and Agri-Food’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Mitigation Program is to “raise awareness and promote adoption of management practices that reduce GHG emissions or increase carbon sequestration”.  MFC distributes this program throughout Manitoba. A Manitoba committee reviews all applications and sends their recommendations to the Beef Commodity Coordinator for final approval. There are four funding sections including grazing clubs, regional demonstrations, tours/seminars and provincial seminars and support. Report updates were provided in 2004 and 2005.

Project Contact(s): Fraser Stewart, MFC
Ph: (204) 482-6315
Start Date: 2003
Completion Date: April 2006
Funding Partners: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program for Canadian Agriculture. Initiative sponsored by the Government of Canada, Action Plan 2000 on Climate Change. All projects have been championed by the Canadian Cattlemen’s  Association.
Project Results:
2004 Greenhouse Gas Project Update
2005 Greenhouse Gas Project Update