Manitoba Forage Crop Variety Testing Program

MAFRI, MFC and MB Forage Seed Association provide growers unbiased information on new forages varieties by evaluating them at three different sites (Arborg, St Pierre, and Rosebank). Information is published in the Seed Manitoba Guide that is distributed in December. MFC, MAFRI, and the Manitoba Forage Seed Association have been evaluating new and existing forage seed cultivars to provide producers with objective information about varietal growth and yield characteristics. All data is evaluated using the Western Forage Testing System (WFTest), a process that coordinates the registration and recommendations for new forage cultivars in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

MFC began evaluating research plots in 2001 and currently manages sites at Arborg, St. Pierre, Rosebank (with the help of Agricore United), and Roblin.  Cultivars of the following forages have been planted and evaluated in each of these years: alfalfa in 2001, 2002, 2003, bromegrass, (smooth and meadow) in 2001, cicer milkvetch in 2002, orchardgrass in 2002, annual ryegrass (Italian and Westerwold) in 2004, tall fescue in 2001, 2003 and timothy in 2002, 2003.

The project is ongoing

Project Contact(s): Glenn Friesen, MAFRI
Ph: (204) 745-5672
Start Date: 2001
Completion Date: April 2008
Funding Partners: MAFRI, MFC and Manitoba Forage Seed Association, Agri-Food Research Development Initiative.
Project Results: