Manitoba Sheep Value Chain Development

The Manitoba Sheep Value Chain Development Project has four objectives:
•  To facilitate expansion of the Sheep Industry in a way that capitalizes on the economic, environmental and social advantages offered by this livestock industry.
•  To identify existing and potential markets where Manitoba sheep and lamb products have the greatest comparative advantage.
•  To develop a coordinated supply chain in order to add value to forage and lamb products.
•  To develop a flock health program for Manitoba sheep producers which will ensure safe food to consumers and additional profits to producers.

The Manitoba Sheep Industry Initiative (MSII) is part of an integrated initiative by the Manitoba Sheep Association Inc. leading to the development of a strategic plan, for the development of the Manitoba Sheep Industry as a sustainable and environmentally friendly part of Manitoba’s agricultural sector. The project involved educational initiatives, including the development of this web site, a sheep production manual and a number of courses and field days for producers. On the farm management side, the project involved the completion of a Cost of Production Study for various types of sheep enterprises and the development of a generic Business Plan. Mr. Ian Clark of Medicine Ridge Agricultural Services, Bentley, Alberta, undertook these two initiatives. Kelly Associates of Winnipeg, (Mr. Brian Kelly and Mr. Randy Baldwin) undertook a Comparative Advantage Study of the Manitoba Sheep Industry, and will complete the development of a Strategic Plan. The project has enjoyed financial and in-kind support from the Manitoba Sheep Association Inc. (MSA), Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council (MRAC), Manitoba Agriculture and Food (MAF), and the Canadian Farm Business Management Council (CFBMC).

Project Contact(s):  Rob Smith, Ph: 1-866-747-3203, E-mail:
Start Date: 2001
Completion Date: 2006
Funding Partners: Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council, with partner support from the Manitoba Forage Council, the Manitoba Sheep Association and in-kind support from MAFRI.
Project Results:
Comparative Advantage Study of the Manitoba Sheep Industry – October 2001
Expanding the Flock – February 2002 – Examines current state of sheep industry to find Manitoba’s competitive advantage then outlines how this can best be used to serve producers by recommending a strategic development plan.
Lamb Value Chain Development Strategy – March 2006