Native Pasture Improvement Project (NPIP)

The Manitoba Native Pasture Improvement Program (NPIP) was initiated in 2005 to explore new ways for landowners to manage their brush encroachment and ultimately utilize that land for more productive cattle grazing.

The trials began in the 2005/2006 season, when approximately 30 field scale size demonstrations (40 acre lots) were established with the help of various producers and organizations. This year (2006), an additional 20 locations have been added to the trial. In total this program will encompass an impressive 2,000 acres.

The project involves assessing three categories of land: harvested sites, (the re-growth after loggers have removed their choice of trees), aspen/poplar encroachment, and low brush areas where species such as buck brush, snowberry, hazelnut, dogwood and small pasture weeds exist,” she continued. The experiments are evaluating the use of both mechanical and chemical methods to manage the brush re-growth. All trials involve grazing as a key component.

Project Contact(s): Sarah Keen-Chanel, Project Coordinator
Ph: (204) 648-7322
Start Date: 2005 and April 2008
Completion Date: Project has been completed – fall 2011, Project report expected June 2012
Funding Partners 2005: Agricultural Policy Framework Agreement (Alternate Land Management Program) managed by the Agri-Food Research Development Initiative and the Manitoba Agriculture Societies.

Funding Partners 2008: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Greencover Canada Program Technical Assistance Component, MAFRI, MFC.

Participating Organizations 2005:

Alonsa Grassland Assoc
Agassiz Soil and Crop Improvement Assoc
Benchland Forage Consortium
Border Grazing Club
Central Ag Conservation Area
Duck Mountain Ag Management Assoc
Lawrence Cattleman’s Co-op
Nature Conservancy of Canada
Northwest Livestock Foundation
Pasquia Soil Management Assoc
Roblin Soil Conservation Area
Sharp Tails Plus
Ste. Rose Ag Rep District Soil Conservation Group
Tiger Hills Conservation District
Victoria Grazing Assoc
Westlake Grazing Club