The Manitoba Forage & Grassland Reference Manual

This reference manual has been updated twice (2007 & 2010) since the original development in 2004. It’s most current version is available on this website.

Develop a current collection of information sheets and publications packaged in a three ring binder and CD ROM.

Project Contact(s): MFC
Ph: (204) 482-6315

Start Date: October 2003
Completion Date: October 2004
Funding Partners: Covering New Ground, Greencover Canada Technical Assistance Program, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program for Canadian Agriculture championed by the Canadian Cattleman’s Association, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, the Manitoba Forage Council and Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration.

Project Results: This manual has been specifically developed to assist producers in the forage and livestock industry in Western Canada. It contains Fact Sheets on Selecting Forage Species for Manitoba, Forage Establishment, Management and Fertility, Harvesting and Feeding Stored Forage, Grazing and Livestock Systems and Facilities, Environmental Considerations as well as Forage Economics and Marketing.