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January 15, 2018 eBulletin

From the Desk of MFGA Executive Director; Supporter Invitation to MFGA 2018 AGM Breakfast; Manitoba Ag Days Jan 16-18; Volunteers make Ag Days happen; Province reports what they heard during consultation on Manitoba Watersheds; Critical soil temperature concerns; Interpreting forage quality of grass hay with RFQ; Beef & Forage Week Seminars Jan 29 – Feb 2; Producer Events & News

December 12, 2017 eBulletin

From the Desk of MFGA Executive Director; MFGA’s Aquanty Workshops draw great interest; December Hay Situation & Price Update; Farm Credit Canada Steps Up for MBFI; Beef Production Specialist job opportunity; MFGA has been in the News…; Free infrared barn inspections; Winter feed supply; Introducing Manitoba’s First Bioeconomy Atlas; Producer Events & News

November 6, 2017 eBulletin

From the Desk of MFGA Executive Director; MFGA Aquanty Project Custom Fit for Manitoba Climate and Green Plan; Province unveils Climate and Green Plan: HAVE YOUR SAY; Farmers voices heard on proposed tax changes; November Hay Situation & Price Update; MBFI seeking summer students for Brandon area; MBFI Extended Grazing Workshop; Abnormal weather doesn’t grow average forage; MBFI Extended Grazing Workshop; Do you have a project that needs funding?; Spain & Portugal Ag Tour; Producer Events & News

October 26, 2017 eBlast

Feb 2018 Spain & Portugal Ag Tour – ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT TO BOOK!

October 12, 2017 eBlast

Don’t miss these Oct & Nov opportunities! MBFI Low Stress Cattle Handling Workshops in October; Oct 30 Deposit Due for Feb 2018 Spain & Portugal Ag Tour; 8th Annual CFGA Conference in November

October 6, 2017 eBulletin

From the Desk of the MFGA Executive Director; Visit Spain & Portugal on Unique Ag Tour; Ambitious plans to make Manitoba the lamb production capital; Open Farm Day was a big day for agriculture awareness; 8th Annual CFGA Conference; Producer Events & News

September 25, 2017 eBlast

Visit Spain and Portugal on Unique, Exciting Ag Tour! Feb 11-25, 2018

September 15, 2017 eBlast

Two great industry events for Fall 2017 – starting this weekend!

September 11, 2017 eBulletin

From the Desk of MFGA Executive Director – Grass is the Word!; MFGA in the News; September Hay Situation & Price Update; Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Invests in Dairy Industry Research; Open Farm Day on September 17 Starts the Fall Right; REMEMBER! MASC Harvested Production Report Due Sept 30; When to Take the Last Alfalfa Cutting; 8th Annual CFGA Conference; Bale Wrapping; MB Farm Safety Program offers Training, Tools, Tips for Producers; Volunteers wanted to teach students about agriculture; Producer Events & News

August 25, 2017 eBlast

Catch MBFI at Aug 30 Pasture Tour & Sept 17 Open Farm Day

August 24, 2017 eBlast

MFGA Encourages All to Take Part in Government Consultations Around Grass, Water

August 14, 2017 eBlast

Last Stop for the Summer – Join MBFI’s August 30 Pasture Tour, held at the Brookdale Site

August 2, 2017 eBulletin

From the Desk of MFGA Executive Director; Manitoba signs onto 5-year Canadian Agricultural Partnership; Hay and Oats: Rock stars of Manitoba’s Pollinator Conservation; MFGA in the News…; Range & Pasture Health Assessment Tour & Field Workshop held; August Hay Situation & Price Update; Important MASC dates for forage producers; Is It Time to Replace Your Alfalfa Stand?; Bales left in the field can be costly; Producer Events

July 25, 2017 eBlast

Join MBFI July 27 for a Hands-On Soil Health Workshop!!

July 1, 2017 eBulletin

Recap of busy MFGA from Exec Dir Duncan Morrison; MFGA’s Aquanty Project Focus of Western Manitoba tour; MBFI 2017 Co-op Community Spaces Recipient; CRSB Public Consultation; MFGA Green Gold Program 2017 Highlights; MFGA Producer Support Needed!; Should We Bale in the Ditch?; Late Harvesting of Forages; Speak Up Young Farmers!; Producer Events

June 9, 2017 eBlast

MFGA congratulates new MBFI Board of Directors, come out and meet at June 22 MBFI Pasture Tour!

June 5, 2017 eBlast

Manitoba: Hay Day is here!

June 4, 2017 eBulletin

Green Gold Program is a Good Guide for all Livestock; Hay Day is June 4; Quality vs Quantity in Hay Production; Optimum Alfalfa Seeding Rate; New online tool helps farmers manage risk; Scholarship for Outstanding Young Farmers

May 25, 2017 eBlast

Save the Date for the 8th Annual CFGA Conference: Nov 14-16, 2017

May 22, 2017 eBlast

First Green Gold Report Released – View the May 18, 2017 Eastern Report here. It’s not too late to subscribe! Join the over 500 producers and industry people who receive this information, including alfalfa, dairy, beef and sheep producers

May 11, 2017 eBulletin

Producer Support Always Welcome to Help MFGA Make a Difference; Fields of Green 2017: MFGA’s Green Gold Wants More Fields; MFGA “In the News”…; Alfalfa: Time to Evaluate Alfalfa for Winter Injury; High Quality Alfalfa – Be Ready for that First Cut!; Is an Alfalfa Grass Mix Good for Your Farm?; MFGA Aquanty Project’s HydroGeoSphere (HGS) model: a flood/drought mitigation tool; MBFI Leadership Set for Exciting 2017; 8th Annual CFGA Conference; Industry Events & Programs

April 19, 2017 eBlast

Hey! It’s National Soil Conservation Week!

April 10, 2017 eBulletin

From the Desk of MFGA Executive Director; MFGA helping to shape the Mb Ag Next Policy Framework; MFGA Releases Carbon Position for Manitoba Agricultural Lands; MFGA has been “In the News”…; Green Gold Subscriber Ad; WANTED: Hay Fields for Green Gold Testing; MFGA Supporter Campaign; Hay Situation & Price Update for March/April; Producers dive into carbon policy at Grazing Club workshop; Considering a New Hay Field; May 24 Presentation of 2016 Census of Agriculture Results; Open Farm Day Registration Deadline April 28; AIC 2017 Conference; Industry Events; Thank you to our 2017 MFGA Supporters; Learn about the MFGA Aquanty Project: Managing water resources with advanced simulation

March 15, 2017 eBlast

Grazing Club Workshop on Carbon Sequestration – March 21, 2017

March 6, 2017 eBulletin

MFGA rolls out 2017 Fundraising Campaign – Dairy Farmers of Manitoba quick to step up on behalf of Manitoba’s forages and grasslands; MFGA Supporter Campaign is on; MFGA has been active “In the News” for February!; Minister Ralph Eichler welcomes MFGA AGM delegates at Brandon meeting; Things Get Real at MBFI; MBFI seeking to fill farm hand position; Be Alert to the Risk of Alfalfa Winter Injury; Give your Forages the best start – with MASC’s Forage Establishment Insurance FSTR Deadline: March 31, 2017; Manitoba Government launches online survey seeking input on legislative changes to funding model of KAP; Determine Pasture Size with a free App!; New birdsfoot trefoil listed as superior forage variety; A survey for producers using high stock density grazing practices; Industry Events

Feb 15, 2017 eBlast

Grazing Club Workshops next week! RSVP by Feb 17

Feb 1, 2017 eBulletin

Invitation to MFGA AGM Feb 3; Hay Situation & Price Update for February; ARBI watching spring flood forecasts closely; Nitrogen fixation with legume cover crops; MASC brings higher coverage, less premium for AgriInsurance; Growing more grass and protecting clean water essential to a thriving beef and forage industry; DUC/CPS forage program offers financial incentives to producers; Proper operation of a tractor loader a must!; Industry Events.

Jan 16, 2017 eBlast

Manitoba Ag Days Jan 17-19, 2017 at Keystone Centre in Brandon. Visit the MFGA booth and say hi and learn more about the MFGA Aquanty Project

Jan 9, 2017 eBulletin

Invitation to MFGA AGM Feb 3; Hay Situation & Price Update for January; Legume Cover Crops; Biosecurity – Help protect the health of livestock and crops; Cold Stress and Cattle; MCDA updated on progress of Aquanty project; Forages and grasslands highlighted in Western Producer; MFGA in the News; Agriculture in the Classroom seeking volunteers, Mb Ag Days Jan 17-19; No better time for pre-season inspections; Industry Events.

Dec 3, 2016 eBulletin

Hay Situation & Price Update for December; Become a 2017-2018 MFGA Supporter!; Why Consider Forage?; CFGA Conference 2016 a resounding success; Manitoba Range and Pasture Health Assessment Initiative; MBFI Extended Grazing Workshop; 100,000 Beating Hearts; FCC supports producers impacted by bad harvest conditions; MFGA “In the News”…; New Holland Light the Way; Industry Events.

Nov 24, 2016 eBlast

Attend the MBFI Extended Grazing Workshop on Dec 8 

Nov 14, 2016 eBlast

Two upcoming Events: CFGA Conference and Beef & Forage Week 

Nov 3, 2016 eBulletin

Hay Situation & Price Update for November;  How Much Hay Will Your Cows Consume?; Watch this video! Innovative ways to protect species at risk; Storing net-wrapped bales; Beef & Forage Week Seminars; Seed Grower Partnership Program 2017; Receive Funding to Hire an Agriculture Grad; MFGA “In the News”…; 7th Annual CFGA Conference Nov 15-17; Industry Events.

Oct 21, 2016 eBlast

REGISTER NOW for CFGA Annual Conference – Nov 15-17, 2016

Oct 3, 2016 eBulletin

Hay Situation & Price Update for October; Feeding Mouldy Hay; Forage Management for Sheep; Forage & Grasslands are Canada’s Most Important Plants; Pay Close Attention to Field Traffic; MFGA “In the News”; 7th Annual CFGA Conference; Industry Events.

Sep 21, 2016 eBlast

REGISTER NOW: CFGA Conference on the November horizon in Winnipeg.

Sep 12, 2016 eBulletin

Hay Situation & Price Update for September; Wet Weather & Hay Quality; MFGA Aquanty Project Accelerates for Assiniboine River Basin; MFGA “In the News”…; Tips for Spreading Manure in Alfalfa; MFGA subscribers, we got your number!; 7th Annual CFGA Conference Nov 15-17; Industry Events.

Aug 8, 2016 eBulletin

Pre-Conference Tour Announced for 7th Annual CFGA Conference; MFGA subscribers, we want your number!; Understand Wet Hay; MFGA part of Manitoba Agriculture Industry Consultations; Ag Minister Eichler attends the McDonalds Production Day Tour; Alfalfa Management in Seeding Year; Density Key to Maintaining the Best Round Bale Shape; Attention Southwest Manitoba agricultural producers; Residue-burning authorization now required; MFGA  “In the News”…; Industry Events. 

July 25, 2016 eBlast

Manitoba Producers: We want your number! The number of acres you farm, that is.

July 18, 2016 eBlast

Hurry and Register for these Key July Industry Events: MBFI McDonald’s Production Day Tour; Open Gate: Walls Farm Day; West Interlake Alfalfa Plot Tour; Manitoba Youth Beef Round-up

July 10, 2016 eBulletin

MFGA’s Aquanty Project receives AAFC ARI funding; MFGA 2016 Green Gold Wraps Up; Hay Day a Success at new MBFI Brookdale Site; MFGA in the News; Produce Better Quality Forage at Lower Cost; Industry Events

June 13, 2016 eBlast

Federal investment will help Manitoba farmers predict the effects of flood and drought on farmland

June 9, 2016 eBulletin

Green Gold Gets a Boost Through M3 Aerial Productions Partnership; Manitoba’s Birds Need Intact Grasslands; Don’t Miss the 2016 Manitoba Hay Day! June 23 at the MBFI Farm; Alfalfa and Dandelions; Tips for a Successful Forage Harvest; NEW! Paper Option for MASC’s WLPIP Policy and Pay Premiums; Product Support Kits Offer Fast Upgrades and Repairs; MFGA in the News; Industry Events

May 31, 2016 eBlast

May 30 has been declared Manitoba’s Hay Day!

May 18, 2016 eBlast

First Green Gold Report Released  – May 16 Eastern

May 10, 2016  eBulletin

Reducing Ash in Hay & Forage; Become a 2016 Green Gold Sponsor; The Concerns of Early Grazing; How Legume & Grass Systems Actually Work; MFGA “In the News”…; CFGA Conference held at Fairmont in Winnipeg, November 15-17; A Good Bale Begins with a Good Windrow; Industry Events/Articles/Announcements.

April 26, 2016 eBlast

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Platinum Sponsor for Green Gold 2016.

April 6, 2016 eBulletin

Hay Situation & Price Update – April; Alfalfa Fields Wanted for Manitoba’s Hay Day; Have a “Hey Day” with our Hay Day; 2016 Census of Agriculture benefits farmers; MFGA “in the News”…; Red Clover – An alternative to antibiotic growth promoters?; Forages in Rotation; Tune-Up or Trade-In and Up to New? Evaluating Your Mower-Conditioner; Manitoba Open Farm Day Hosts Needed; Industry Events/Articles/Announcements.

March 24, 2016 eBlast

Sign up for the 2016 Green Gold Program

March 2, 2016 eBulletin

Hay Situation & Price Update – February; Effective Frost-Seeding; MFGA “In the News”…; Wanted: forage growers willing to submit samples for the 2016 Green Gold Program; Cellular RTK Correction Signal; Become an MFGA Supporter; Have a Hey Day with our Hay Day.

Feb 11, 2016 eBulletin

MFGA Announces New Chairperson; MBFI, McDonalds Partner on Exciting New Project; Key Grazing Club Workshops offered through MFGA & DUCs; PODCAST: How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Alfalfa; Exciting Developments in Research Benefit Alfalfa; Snow: Good for Your Alfalfa; MFGA on the Move and In the News; Brett Young Forage Guarantee; New Holland Tractor ‘Machine of the Year’ in Large Tractor Category; Industry Announcements & Articles; Industry Events.

Feb 2, 2016 eBlast

Upcoming MFGA Events: AGM & Grazing Club Workshops.

Jan 25, 2016 eBlast

Upcoming Industry Events.

Jan 6, 2016 eBulletin

Hay Situation and Price Update – December; Invitation to MFGA 2016 AGM; Cattle Feeding & Cold Weather; By-product Feeds for Sheep; Dairy Farmers Shuffle MFGA Board Members; Winnipeg named 2016 CFGA Conference site; The value of Certified Maintenance Inspections; BrettYoung Forage Guarantee 2016; MFGA “on the move”… and “in the news”; Industry News & Articles; Industry Events.

Dec 16, 2015 eBlast

Board Member Ken Gross Steps Down, Beef & Forage Week Jan 11-17; Manitoba’s Climate Change and Green Economy Action Plan promotes forages: Become a 2015-17 MFGA Supporter

Dec 5, 2015 eBulletin

The Root of It All; Balancing Your Rations; Seed Production with Brett Young; Disc Mower-Conditioner Storage; MFGA “on the move” and “in the news”; Upcoming Industry Events; Industry News & Articles.

Nov 6, 2015 eBulletin

Hay Update for October; Participate in the Hay Survey; Know Your Grass!; Light the Way; Industry News & Events; MFGA on the Move & In the News.

Oct 8, 2015 eBulletin

MFGA Rolling Out New Support Opportunities; Round bale storage; “Do I have enough feed?”; Effects of a freeze on forages; Will DEF freeze in the tractor tank?; Participate in the Hay Situation Survey; MFGA on the move & in the news; Industry News & Events.

Sep 17, 2015 eBulletin

September Hay Situation and Price Update; Participate in the Hay Situation Survey for September; Feed Sampling; Assess Alfalfa Stands this Fall; Processed Hay and Its Nutritional Value; Growing Innovation Call for Proposals.

Aug 27, 2015 eBulletin

Hay Situation and Price Update for August; Methods of Buying and Selling Hay; Cut Straighter and Faster; Managing Grasshoppers in Alfalfa; Final Management Plan for the Rusty Blackbird Available; CFGA Conference/AGM set for Nov 17-19 in Saskatoon; 2015-16 MFGA Membership Renewal is Due.

July 30, 2015 eBulletin

River data: super computer sought to tell future; MFGA Survey on hay situation; Advantages of Wide Swathing; Alfalfa Fall Harvest; JOIN CoCoRaHS: A Network of Volunteer Weather Observers!

July 24, 2015 eBlast

MFGA Member Opportunity: Join CoCoRaHS – a Network of Volunteer Weather Observers! 

June 30, 2015 eBlast

Upcoming Summer Events for Forage & Grassland Producers: Grazing Club Farm Tours; Open Gate Learning Days; Twilight Tour; Long-Term Study Field Day; Crop Diagnostic School.

June 25, 2015 eBulletin

Green Gold Program Winds Down After Successful Province-wide Testing of First-Cut Alfalfa; Understanding Wet Hay; Dry Weather & Forage; How Do I Determine a Hay Price; Handling Diesel Exhaust Fuel in Warm Weather; Grazing Response Index, a Measuring Stick for Grazing Management; Rancher-Farmer Pollinator Award Information.

May 13, 2015 eBlast

Two Excellent Opportunities for Manitoba Producers: Get a Green Gold NIR test to see how your field ranks with others in your area; Rancher-Farmer Pollinator Conservation Award – Nominate a Manitoba producer for well-deserved recognition.

May 13, 2015 eBulletin

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Support MFGA’s Green Gold Program 2015; When to Start Grazing; MFGA Members Receive Discount to Attend IFMA Congress in Quebec; Pasture Management; Processed Hay and Nutritional Value; DUCs and CPS Team Up to Offer Forage Incentive Program; New Forage Package for Green Gold.

May 6, 2015 eBlast

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba offers support to MFGA Green Gold Program 2015

April 23, 2015 eBulletin

Greetings from Duncan Morrison, our New Executive Director; Add a Little Alfalfa to the Crop Rotation; New Forage Package for Green Gold; Comparing Bale Handling Systems; Spring Assessment of Alfalfa Stands; CFGA Appoints New Executive Director; Green Gold Program Seeking Sponsors.

April 17, 2015 eBlast

MFGA Appoints Duncan Morrison as New Executive Director.

March 26, 2015 eBlast

Have a “Hey Day” with our Hay Day! Our Green Gold Program is a fantastic opportunity for your sponsorship dollars!

March 19, 2015 eBulletin

Farewell to our Executive Director, Wanda McFadyen; Establishing a New Pasture; 4 Steps to Ensuring Forage Stand Success; REGISTER NOW to receive 2015 Green Gold Reports (Alfalfa Scissor Clipping Project); Green Gold Seeking Sponsorship; Choose the right hay conditioning system for fast dry down; MASC AgriInsurance Coverage – Deadline March 31; Manitoba Celebrates 11th Annual Agriculture Awareness Day.

Feb 19, 2015 eBulletin

Hay Price Update for February, Alfalfa Survival for Winter 2015, MASC AgriInsurance Coverage – Deadline March 31, Vitamin A: An Important Water Nutrient, Register to Receive Green Gold Reports (Alfalfa Scissor Clipping Project), Capturing Carbon: Critical to Survival, Video: Soil Carbon Cowboys, CFGA Seeks New Executive Director.

Jan 22, 2015 eBulletin

Choosing the Right Round Bale Wrapping, KAP & SAFE Work Manitoba Offer Help With Farm Safety Inspections, Establishing Pasture and the Deception of Forage Mixture Labels, Ramping up for the 2015 Green Gold Program.