Technical Information

Publications, fact sheets, videos, and our Forage Fed Beef Model are listed below.

Feed Plan Calculator

The Government of Manitoba supplies a Feed Plan Calculator. Download it here.

Fact Sheets

These fact sheets have included involvement from Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Brandon Research Centre,  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Greencover Canada Program, Covering New Ground, University of Manitoba, and the Brandon Research Centre.

View our complete list of Fact Sheets here.

Apps for downloading

Let these industry appropriate apps simplify your information gathering process. Visit Real Agriculture for a list of the most current and popular apps for farmers and producers.

Stockpile Forages Pamphlet

Stockpiled forage is the term given to pasture saved for grazing after the growing season. Stockpile forage can be used from October through to early December and can also be used early in the spring before new growth pasture is available. Learn more by downloading this pdf: Stockpiled Forage Quality Pamphlet

CFGA Forage & Grassland Guide

Visit the website for a full list of editions.

Forage and Rangeland Restoration Reference Guide

Forage Fed Beef Model (Generate your profit/loss statement)

This interactive model will help you determine the costs and return for the production of grass fed beef. Using this excel spreadsheet you can input the details specific to your operation and generate a value that is meaningful to you. This model was developed using 2008 data.
Microsoft Excel is required to run this program.

Manitoba Average Feed Values for the Beef/Bison/Sheep Producer Publication

Manitoba Average Feed Values for the Beef/Bison/Sheep Producer Publication

Technology Transfer Mission – Argentina Forage Finished Beef

This 36-page booklet provides feeding strategies for a forage finished beef product that are transferable to the Canadian climate. It also includes information on the global consumption of beef, export opportunies and state-of-the-art processing facilities.

Argentina Forage Finished Beef

This 6-page brochure is a summary of the Technology Transfer Mission – Argentina Forage Finished Beef.

Sod Seeding (Seeding forages into existing stands with minimal tillage)

A new 39-page guide for sod seeding has just been published. Contact MFGA  @ (204) 475-2241 for your free copy or download the pdf.

Producing Forage Finished Beef in Manitoba

This 28-page booklet has been produced by the Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association for those producers interested in delving into this niche market. The document provides a detailed description of the elements required to produce high quality beef on a forage-only diet.

Thank you to our supporters: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Technical Assistance Component, Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council and Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development.

Forage Finished Beef Factsheet

This 6-page Fact Sheet developed in December 2008 provides an overview of the steps needed to manage a forage finished beef operation.

Forage Finished Beef Fact Sheet

Pasture Planner – A guide for developing your grazing system

The 44-page Pasture Planner was developed to assist with the development and/or modification of the exisiting grazing system. This publication contains information on stocking, watering, animal control, fencing, facilities, pasture assessment and more.

The worksheets are also available in Excel so you can input your own figures and have the calculations done for you.

Manitoba Pasture Rejuvenation Methods

The strategies needed to rejuvenate, renovate and establish your pasture can vary according to your soil type. In the spring of 2007, the Manitoba Forage Council interviewed producers in areas across Manitoba to see what methods they were using and their rate of success.

The following reports showcase their methodology and may provide a guide for your application.

Co-existence Strategies for GM & Non-GM Alfalfa

This 6-page report has been prepared by Muthukumar V. Bagavathiannan and Rene C. Van Acker, University of Manitoba/University of Guelph, regarding the Feral Nature of Alfalfa and Implications for The Co-Existence of Genetically Modified (GM) and Non-GM Alfalfa.

Decision Support Materials for Comparison for Productive, Economical & Environmental Efficiencies of Beef Production Systems in Manitoba

These materials can assist beef producers in making informed decisions related to different aspects of cow-calf operations by allowing them to evaluate the potential outcomes of alternative beef production systems.

Project Results: This is a series of 2 projects completed which contains 2 Technical Bulletins:
Technical Bulletin #1 – Economic performance of various summer pasture and winter feeding strategies for cow-calf production
Technical Bulletin #2 – Energy-use of various summer pasture and winter feeding strategies for cow-calf production

Q & A’s on Roundup Ready Alfalfa

There is lots of controvery about Roundup Ready Alfalfa. This paper written by Dr. Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin and Dr. Dan Putnam, University of California provides their point of view on many issues.

Sleepless in Manitoba: Making Sleep Work for You

Sleepless in Manitoba is a booklet that was developed to enhance the personal well-being, safety, and success of Manitoba’s farmers, ranchers, shift workers, and all those who live and work in rural Manitoba. Sleep affects everyone’s
health and safety.