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Aerial Imaging of Alfalfa Crops – M3 Aerial Productions is working with the Manitoba Forage and Grasslands Association this year doing research using aerial imaging of alfalfa crops. Comparing cutting results with NDVI converted aerial images could end up saving farmers time and money, cutting their alfalfa on the best day, rather than after the best day.

Podcast: How Winter Weather Can Affect Cattle – John McGregor, MFGA Hay Expert, explains to CKDM News what you should do to make sure your cows stay warm and cozy. Click below to listen.

HOW-TO VIDEO: Evaluate Alfalfa Stands For Winterkill – Learn how to scout and assess early re-growth of alfalfa and mixed-species stands in this video from Glenn Friesen, provincial forage specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI), gives us the step by step process to assess winterkill levels and production potential of the stand. Also in this video, get tips for supporting growth this year, even for poorer stands.

HOW-TO VIDEO: Establishing Alfalfa: The Pros and Cons of a Nurse Crop – Glenn Friesen, provincial forage specialist with MAFRI, explains what seeding and soil conditions may warrant a nurse crop to go down with the alfalfa crop, but also covers why you may want to consider foregoing one. He also explains ideal harvesting timing of the nurse crop and the established stand, and why it’s important to consider soil fertility, especially in the year of establishment. This video is prepared by

Short Video: High Density Grazing for Cattle at Circle H – Harper started a high density grazing program for his cattle this year using temporary fences and wires within an eight-acre paddock, providing the healthier soil, grasses and more evenly spread manure. End result should be better weight gain for the cattle.  

Real Agriculture How-To Videos – These how-to videos are provided through Real Agriculture and cover topics such as Evaluating Alfalfa Stands for Winterkill and Establishing Alfalfa: The Pros and Cons of a Nurse Crop. 

Allan Savory: How to fight desertification and reverse climate

North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition – includes videos on Boom-Bust Grazing, Principle of Profitable Ranching, Why Soil Health is Important Part 1 & Part 2, Direct Marketing, and many more.