Sustainable Energy: From conventional to alternative and back again

Title: Sustainable Energy: From conventional to alternative and back again
Location: Neubergthal, Manitoba
Date: May 23 & 24, 2013

Come and join us in a unique setting to explore the topic of sustainable energy within the context of Southern Manitoba.

The Parks Canada national historic site of Neubergthal, Manitoba (http:// will play host to the conference. This Mennonite street village has a history of sustainable ener- gy users which is still evident today in the existing housebarns.

The conference will engage students, educators, local governments, business people, and professionals within the sus- tainable energy industry. This diverse group will participate in sustainable en- ergy themed presentations, tours, and workshops.

Download our Conference Brochure.


High school students/teachers
– $20.00 before April 1
– $30.00 after April 1
– $100.00 before May 1
– $125.00 after May 1

Registration includes:
• Presentations May 23
• Walking tour of Neubergthal May 23
• Refreshments and Lunch May 23
• Any one of the four tour/workshop options for
May 24 (see below for details)

To register or for more information contact:
Bruce Friesen-Pankratz
Sustainable Energy Program
W.C. Miller Collegiate
Altona, MB  R0G 0B3
ph: (204) 324-6416


May 23, 2013
9:30-10:00 Opening Ceremony
• King Buffalo Drummers—Roseau River First Nation
• Address by dignitaries
10:00-10:30 Sustainable Energy History: Energy balance on the West Reserve.
Hans Werner, Associate Professor, Mennonite Studies, University of Winnipeg. 10:30-10:45 BREAK
10:45-11:05 Sustainable Energy Residential: Straw bale houses in Mexico and Manitoba . Steven Wiebe, Supervisor of Public Works, Town of Altona
11:05-11:25 Sustainable Energy Residential: Different shades of green.
Mike Moore, President, Manitoba Home Builders Association
11:25-11:45 Sustainable Energy Education: Guiding Mystic Pseudopodia
Bruce Friesen-Pankratz, Instructor, Sustainable Energy Program,
WC Miller Collegiate
11:45-12:05 Sustainable Energy Food: Power Plant Farms
Terry Mireau, Lives on Cedar Lane Farm
LUNCH Provided by the Cedar Lane Farm
1:00-1:20 Sustainable Energy Transportation: Biodiesel
Rex Newkirk, Director of Research and Business Development,
Canadian International Grains Institute.
1:20-1:50 Sustainable Energy Community: Gretna Arena
Ed Lohrenz, Geo-Xergy Systems Inc.
1:50-2:00 BREAK
2:00-2:30— Round table discussions
2:30-3:30—Neubergthal walking tour

May 24, 2013
Meet at Neubergthal for:
Option A
9:30-11:30—St. Joseph Wind Farm Tour
11:30—3:00—Anaerobic Digester Manitoba Hydro pilot project
Option B
9:30-11:30 Anaerobic Digester Manitoba Hydro pilot project 11:30-3:00 St . Joseph Wind Farm Tour
Option C
9:30-11:30—St. Joseph Wind Farm Tour
11:30-3:00 Wool Workshop Option D
9:30-11:30 Wool Workshop 11:30-3:00 St. Joseph Wind Farm

A conference organized and facilitated by the Sustainable Energy Program, W.C. Miller Collegiate.

Start Date: 2013-05-23
End Date: 2013-05-24