West Interlake Alfalfa Plot Tour

Title: West Interlake Alfalfa Plot Tour
Location: between RM of Grahamdale and West Interlake boundaries
Date: July 28, 2016
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Alfalfa is our number one crop in the West Interlake. If you want to go grow more yield with better quality, visit our plots and see what is possible!

Cost: Free. All welcome.

Where: 100 yards east of #6 Hwy on Boundary Line Road
(between RM of Grahamdale and West Interlake boundaries)
GPS Coordinates: N 51.244195, W -98.384480
A Google Maps Pin can be provided by text message.


Alfalfa Establishment Plot – Ray Bittner, Manitoba Agriculture Livestock Specialist
What is the best way to establish alfalfa? This plot was seeded in early May 2015 with various treatments such as: with and without a cover crop, with and without fertilizer, fall seeding and Dormant Seeding. We have 2015 and 1st cut 2016 data to share.

Corn Variety Plots – Morgan Cott, Manitoba Corn Growers association
Corn is an up and coming crop in the Interlake. Morgan will go through the details of what you need to know to grow a corn crop in our environment.

Terminating a Forage Stand in Spring with Herbicide – Tim Clarke, Manitoba Agriculture Forage Specialist
Can you successfully renovate old fields by spraying herbicide and sod seeding the same week? Observe the herbicide plots and decide for yourself.

Phosphorus Ramp Demonstration on Alfalfa – Ray Bittner, Manitoba Agriculture Livestock Specialist
How much Phosphorus fertilizer is enough? Alfalfa is a big user of phosphorus, and these plots will indicate the most economical amount.

*Please limit vehicle traffic to the municipal road and foot traffic only to the outside of each plot. These are research plots.

For More Information, call Manitoba Agriculture Ashern (204) 768-2782.

Download the MAFRD flyer.
Date: 2016-07-28