Western Canadian Holistic Management Conference

Title: Western Canadian Holistic Management Conference
Location: Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Description: Healthy Land, Healthy People, Healthy Profits
Gallagher Centre, Yorkton, SK

2012 HM Conference Brochure

Monday, Feb 20th, 8 p.m. Comfort Inn, Yorkton

Arlene Jorgenson – Arlene is the founder and owner of
HEALTHSERV (SASK) since 1992, with award-winning
occupational health clinics in Saskatoon and Regina.
With a degree in nursing, certification as a nurse practi-
tioner and a specialty designation in occupational health
nursing Arlene has practiced in the area of addictions for
over 25 years.
• HEALTHSERV is a private occupational health con-
sulting company specializing in substance abuse testing,
independent medicals and hearing conservation. We also
offer a full range of vaccinations including international
travel vaccinations, flu shots and occupational vaccina-
• Arlene is a professional speaker and master trainer, a
member of the Canadian Association of Professional

Wayne Berry – Wayne Berry retired in May 2007, as an
associate professor at Williston State College where he
taught economics and farm management. He has a mas-
ters degree in agriculture economics, is a retired Major in
the U.S. Army Reserve and a lifelong rancher and inten-
sive grazer in Montana. Wayne is certified by the Center
for Holistic Management in Albuquerque, NM, as a holis-
tic educator, and is a Certified Nx Level Entrepreneurial
Trainer/Facilitator. Wayne’s ranch is Tier 3 in all 3 cate-
gories of the Conservation Security Program (CSP) in the
initial sign up.
Wayne’s life goal is to be of service to others by facilitat-
ing self-sufficiency. Being a life long learner, Wayne
supports collaborative learning by networking and team-
Coaching folks to become life long learners is Wayne’s
goal. Helping others find their own solutions from within
their life experiences makes Wayne proud.

Josh Dukart – Joshua Dukart is a Certified Educator of
Holistic Management who speaks and teaches regularly
throughout the United States and Canada. With his ex-
periences and continued learning on the land, his consult-
ing business has evolved to work with land managers and
organizations in assisting them in achieving sustainable
balance of people, finances, and land.
Joshua Dukart is also a member of the Burleigh County
Soil Conservation District team in Bismarck, North Da-
kota, working with producers on planned grazing, bio-
logically diverse cropping management, and integration
of cover crops.

David Irvine – David Irvine is sought after interna-
tionally as a speaker, author, and mentor. His work
has contributed to the building of accountable, vital
and engaged organizations across North America. He
is the co-founder of the Newport Institute for Au-
thentic Living whose focus is to build authentic, ac-
countable organizational cultures that unleash great-
David is the best selling author of five books. Over a
quarter million copies have been sold worldwide.
David has advanced degrees in human development,
science and social work. With more than 25 years of
experience as a workshop facilitator, psychotherapist,
professional speaker and consultant, David has de-
veloped a unique, personal and practical approach to
transforming leaders. Every year, thousands of peo-
ple attend David’s inspiring and thought-provoking
programs on authentic leadership, accountability and
balanced living.
David Irvine is one of Canada’s most respected
voices on leadership and personal development. He
consults with and presents to a wide range of organi-
zations, professional associations, government, edu-
cation and health care. David has taught courses at
three universities and the Banff School of Manage-
ment. NBC’s Today Show, the Globe and Mail and
numerous national radio and newspaper publications
have interviewed David.
On a personal note, David is a formerly nationally
ranked distance runner and trained with the US
Olympic team. He is a father of three girls, and most
recently a grandfather. David lives with his wife and
family in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in
Western Canada.


9:00 AM – Registration and Trade Booth Displays

Welcome—Pam Iwanchysko – Co-Chair

9:30AM – Keynote Address – Arlene Jorgenson –
.PRIDE AND PROMISE – claiming our future”

There are really only 3 essential characteristics that sepa-
rate successful people from unsuccessful ones. Character-
istics that can be cultivated, fertilized and managed! Ar-
lene will explore these ABC’s with her usual practical
wisdom and trademark storytelling.
10:30 AM – Coffee and Trade Booth Displays
11:00 AM – Wayne Berry – Forage and Grazing – No-
Till Profitable – Wayne is a livestock producer, retired
professor of economics and former farm business man-
agement instructor at Williston State College, and certi-
fied educator of HM. He will talk about maintaining and/
or improving resources within the whole of the farm/
ranch management. Some of the tools he will discuss are
managed grazing, feeding less, extending the grazing
longer into the winter, using no-till to preserve moisture,
building soil, among other ideas.
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Breakout 1 – Hall – Producer Panel—
Intergenerational Transfers
The Campbell Family—Meadow Lake, SK
The Tees Family – Lousana, AB
The Walls Family – Alameda SK
3:30 PM – Coffee and Trade Booth Displays
4:00 PM – Keynote Address: Arlene Jorgenson –
5:00 PM – Cocktails, Dinner, Evening Program
7:00 PM – Entertainment – Keneen Magnowski –
Russell, MB
Silent Auction and Socializing

7:30 AM – Breakfast and Welcome – Don Campbell
– Co-Chair
8:30 AM – Keynote Address – David Irvine – Work-
ing With The Ones You Love: The Human Side of

Holistic Management – In this inspiring and thought-
provoking opening address, David Irvine will take you
on a personal journey to building strong family rela-
tionships in the perilous and potentially gratifying ad-
venture of farming together. You will leave this key-
note with practical ideas to:
Hold on the vital importance of agriculture and your
valuable contribution to society, maintain perspective
and self-worth in the good times and the tough times
and stay connected when things fall apart.
9:30 AM – Coffee and Trade Booth Displays
10:00 AM – Keynote – Roland Kroos – Achieving
Profitability – No Excuses Roland Kroos has been
teaching HM courses for over 25 years and was instru-
mental in teaching some of the first HM courses here in
Canada with Allan Savory. Roland has a wealth of
experience from consulting and assisting 100’s of peo-
ple practicing Holistic Management in North America.
He has helped people solve their financial problems
from the brink of bankruptcy to becoming highly prof-
itable. Roland will share stories and techniques that
will truly allow you to achieve the profit you desire.
Are you ready to shatter some of those paradigms that
prevent you from achieving the profit you desire.
11:30 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM Breakout Sessions – (Pick one of three)
Breakout 1 – David Irvine – Working With The
Ones You Love: Follow-up from The Keynote –
David’s concurrent session will take the inspiring ideas
presented in his keynote into practical application.
Bring your questions and concerns about the human
side of Holistic Management to this interactive session.
Options for discussion are: Building Trust with your
Family and Team; Effective Communication; Develop-
ing your Quality of Life Statement; Managing Con-
flicts; Goal-Setting together; and Succession Planning.

Breakout 2 – Josh Dukart – Holistically managing
cropland – Joshua is a CE of HM who speaks/teaches
in the US and Canada. He is currently involved in man-
agement of Dukart Farms near Hazen, ND, which con-
sists of cow-calf, equine, stocker, and forage crop en-
terprises. This family ranch focuses on regenerative
land management through enhancement of soil health,
the use of cover crops, the integration of livestock into
cropland management, and building succession diver-
sity on the entire operation.

Breakout 3 – Roland Kroos – Is Your Profit Tree
Healthy? Roland will show you a technique that al-
lows people an easy way to visualize Gross Profit
Analyses. Roland will share with you a diagram that
allows you to separate your variable expenses from
your overhead expenses. By creating this profit tree,
you/your team will be able to easily see where the
deadwood is within your ranching/farming operation.
2:15 PM – Coffee and Trade Booth Displays
2:30 PM – Producer Panel

Gary and Lynn Richards—Bangor, SK
Wayne and Colleen Gardiner—Langruth, MB
Darcy and Candice Goodrich – Hardisty, AB
3:30 PM – Grand Finale Keynote – David Irvine
Standard of Living or Quality of Life: The Real
Meaning Of Wealth – David will conclude our con-
vention with an inspiring message about the value of
Holistic Management as an approach to discovering a
sustainable source of wealth: living your life in align-
ment with your values. It’s not the fierceness of the
storm that determines whether we break, but rather the
strength of the roots below the surface. Sustainable
living lies below the surface of what the world sees.
Agriculture and Holistic Management give you the
tools to increase real wealth: spiritual health, strength
of character, and connection to family and friends. You
will leave with a renewed sense of perspective for your
business and your life, along with practical tools for
dealing with tough issues that often get pushed aside in
agriculture today. E-mail David before the sessions at

(On or before February 3, 2012)
$150.00 Per Person

(After February 3, 2012)
$200.00 per person

Registration includes two lunches, banquet,
breakfast ticket and admission to all sessions.
Additional banquet tickets $25.00 each.
Please make cheque payable to

Yorkton Agricultural Information Inc – “YAI”
and send to Ministry of Agriculture – Regional Services Branch
38 – 5th Avenue North
Yorkton, SK S3N 0Y8
Phone: (306) 786-1531 Fax:(306) 786-1511

Start Date: 2012-02-21
End Date: 2012-02-22