Western Canadian Holistic Management Conference

Feb 12, 2007

“Holistic Management is an approach to managing resources that builds biodiversity, improves production and generates financial strength; it improves quality of life while enhancing the environment that sustains us all.”

Here’s a sampling of the speakers at the event.

David Irvine
David Irvine is an internationally sought after author, speaker and workshop leader to entrepreneurial individuals and organizations. A background in family therapy and organizational effectiveness, combined with more than twenty years of experience counseling families in business has resulted in his unique, personal, and practical approach to getting to the heart of what matters most in a family business. David’s business is people. He is a leader who mobilizes leaders – with insight, compassion, human values, and a commitment to results.

Allan Savory
Holistic Management originated in a personal quest by Allan, as a young wildlife biologist in his native Zimbabwe, to solve the riddle of desertification. Years later, after successive careers as a farmer, game rancher, management consultant, a member of Parliament and leader of the opposition party in the midst of a civil war, Savory came to the conclusion that the spread of deserts, the loss of wildlife, and the human impoverishment that always resulted were related to the way people made decisions, whether or not those people lived or worked on the land. Armed with this knowledge, we can now more accurately predict how any piece of land might respond to our management. And this in turn influences the decisions we make in what actions to take.

Gene Goven
Gene was raised on a farm south of Turtle Lake, ND. When he returned from North Dakota State University in 1967, he purchased a ranch north of Turtle Lake. There he and his wife Marcy have raised three children (the family now includes 4 grandchildren) while operating a diversified operation which includes livestock (cow/calf pairs), various small grains and row crops (of which are now solid seeded). In the early 1980’s, Gene made the switch from conventional cropping and livestock grazing management systems to no-till cropping and time controlled/prescribed grazing as well as integrating his livestock and cropping systems for “multiple resource benefits across the whole operation”. Gene has been practicing Holistic Management since 1985.Gene and Marcy have hosted numerous tours at their ranch and Gene has given a number of grazing management presentations to a wide variety of local, national and international groups.

Dennis Wobeser
Dennis and Jean Wobeser have been in the cattle business since 1963. For over 20 years they ran a custom feeding and feedlot company that, at its peak, handled 7,000 head of cattle. In the late 1980s, the Wobesers, along with daughter Kelly, son Brady, and four employees, decided to transform their high-technical/high-input commercial feeding operation to a low-input, nature-based grazing operation. Hi-Gain Ranching now manages 4,500 acres with most of that land dedicated to seeded pasture and maintenance of natural areas, supporting 600 cows and 600 to 800 yearlings. The Wobesers’ approach has resulted in healthier and higher-volume grass, increased organic matter in the soil, more diversity in plant species, and an increase in beneficial insect species. Bare ground has been decreased and healthier land has been increased due to disallowing pesticides and chemicals. The effects of floods and drought have been reduced due to a layer of thatch (dead and decaying plants) on the surface of the ground, which increases the water holding capacity of the soil and reduces erosion and runoff. Hi-Gain Ranching is truly a demonstration of a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.
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