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We’re much more than hay & grass!

Producers know the benefit of quality hay and grass but do you? Properly managed hay and grassland translate into safe, high quality meat and dairy products! We’re a very important first part of the food chain and without it – well, our livestock and our consumers would not be happy campers.

Our producers have long recognized the benefits of pasture rotations (moving animals frequently between pastures) and many have implemented this practice. This process protects and improves the grassland (as the plants are given plenty of time to rest and regrow) and facilitates manure distribution, reducing the possibility of manure runoff into adjacent streams and water ways.
Improved soil health, water and air quality are also the result of well maintained grassland. Alfalfa, a key component of pasture land is a nitrogen fixing plant, providing nutrients in a natural way. Wildlife also benefits from well managed land – creating a welcoming environment and protection from the elements for a range of animals.

As most goods and services provided by grasslands are not paid for directly, they are easily overlooked, but the socio-economic value of grasslands in Manitoba is estimated to be $936 million annually, with a range of $702 million to $2,518 million per year, according to a report in the National Centre for Livestock and the Environment. Read the full article here.


Livestock Economics and Feed Supply in 2014 - Held in various Manitoba communities during October - Join Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD) for presentations to learn how to use feed supplies and maximize profit potential to grow your farming operation.  Visit our event page for a complete listing of dates and locations.

CFGA seeking sponsorship for 5th Annual Conference/AGMNovember 17-19, 2014 – This event is held at Château Bromont, a 4-star hotel in one of the picturesque valleys in Québec’s Eastern Townships, featuring a golf course, spa, many restaurants and a host of nearby activities. The conference provides workshops, farm tours and meals and will have full translation services.  To register for this event or for sponsorship details, click here.

Ducks Unlimited Land Sale - Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is selling 160 acres of land located on the SE 16-18-26 WPM and on the SW 15-18-26 WPM. Further details found here.

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Friends of Forage & Grasslands:

Manitoba Government
Ducks Unlimited Canada
Dairy Farmers of Manitoba
The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation
Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation
Manitoba Sheep Association