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River data: super computer sought to tell futures!

Manitoba group wants to implement computerized modelling system to improve forecasting ability in the Assiniboine basin. Excerpt from June 18 edition of the Western Producer

Humans have found it difficult to predict flood and drought along the Assiniboine River, but a super computer might provide better results. That’s what an array of Manitoba farm and rural environment groups are hoping. They have put forth a proposal to use the same sort of system employed in Alberta to monitor and analyze the South Saskatchewan River.

“We think it would give us extra tools to predict what different weather events might do downstream… not only for flooding but drought too,” said Manitoba Forage Grassland Association vice-chair Henry Nelson. “It considers a lot more data (than existing systems.) It takes into account the entire river basin. It acts as a unit. If you’ve got info from the entire river basin, then your predictions are much more accurate.”

The MFGA is seeking support from other farm and rural groups to implement the Aquanty computerized watershed modelling system. MFGA was approached by Agriculture Canada to become the proponent for the system, which would require Growing Forward 2 funding.

Read the full article here.

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