The Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association is actively involved in the management of many extension, research and marketing activities. By working with strong partners, MFGA is engaged in the promotion and development of the Manitoba forage industry.

Tasks associated with each project include: soliciting applications, distributing funds, monitoring activities, collecting and preparing reports, hiring employees, payroll, and the communication of project results via seminars, conferences, publications and this website.

Current Projects

Our key projects include:

  • MFGA Aquanty Project – Managing water resources with advanced simulation
  • MFGA Green Gold Project – helps producers maximize their hay quality by harvesting their alfalfa stand at the optimum time!
  • • Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiative – a centre of agricultural innovation engaging in science-based research to benefit valuable ecosystems, improve producer profitability and build social awareness around the beef and forage industry.

A full list of our Current Projects found here.

Past Projects

A full list of our Past Projects found here.