The Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association is actively involved in the management of many extension, research and marketing activities. By working with strong partners, MFGA is engaged in the promotion and development of the Manitoba forage industry.

Tasks associated with each project include: soliciting applications, distributing funds, monitoring activities, collecting and preparing reports, hiring employees, payroll, and the communication of project results via seminars, conferences, publications and this website.

Types of Projects

Marketing Manitoba Forage Industry Products

  • • Assisted with development of the Manitoba Forage Marketers (a group of hay exporters who ship to customers in Canada and the U.S.) Website development, publications and booth promotion at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin).
  • • Assisted with the development of the Manitoba Grass Fed Beef Producer’s Association (website development, promotional material).
  • • 2011 project evaluating the use of the Port of Churchill as an alternative for exporting hay.

Research and Extension Projects

  • • MFGA Aquanty Project
  • • MFGA Green Gold Project
  • • Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiative
  • • Pasture benchmarking (combining yield and quality data with weather information to predict yields and thereby predict proper pasture stocking rates);
  • • Forage variety testing – evaluating growth and yield rates of new and existing forage cultivars;
  • • Production of beef for the health food market – looking at different feeding systems that preserve the quality of forage fed beef;
  • • Grazing Club Coordinator – educating producers on grazing and stock management;
  • • The Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program championed by Canadian Cattlemen’s Association – educating producers about green house gas reduction via grazing clubs, demonstration activities, district seminars, tours or provincial seminars;
  • • Native Pasture Improvement Program – conserve grasslands by managing aspen encroachment;
  • • Best management practices to improve environmental sustainability and productivity of grassland systems using hog manure;
  • • The Manitoba Sheep Initiative;
  • • Integrated pest management strategies to increase the success of Leafy spurge management in pastures and wild lands in the prairie region of Canada.

Transferring Technology to Producers

  • • Manitoba Forage Reference Manual (Revised in 2007 and again in 2010 – available via pdf from this website)
  • • Manitoba Grazing Clubs;
  • • Manitoba Greenhouse Gas Initiatives – demonstrations, seminars, tours, conferences;
  • • Fact sheets;
  • • Annual Manitoba Forage Symposium including a fund-raising auction;
  • • Annual Manitoba Grazing School including a fund-raising auction;
  • • Beef and Forage Week;
  • • Development, publication and distribution of monthly eBulletins; and
  • • Development and maintenance of this website.